“It’s an insurance policy.”

That’s what Elena Wilkins calls the Clients on Demand programs. They’re insurance to keep her from going back to the way things used to be before she joined Clients on Demand.

See, Elena is a health and wellness coach specializing in hormone imbalances. She uses food as a way to help others heal themselves. She changes lives every day.

These days, Elena consistently brings in 6-figures per month for the amazing work that she does.

But it wasn’t always like this …

Before Clients on Demand, Elena was overworked, underpaid and began to resent her business. Her low ticket offer brought in unmotivated clients who were not committed to the process. She began to question if this was what she was meant to do in life.

But 8 weeks in Clients on Demand changed this forever.

One of the first things we helped Elena do, was raise her prices. This was not some sleazy marketing trick, designed to get the maximum amount of money from people - it was done from a sense of wanting to provide the absolute best possible service.

The majority of Elena’s clients before would pay the low-ticket fee, not do any of the work, and then end up with no results. This resulted in unhappy clients, complaints, and claims that despite the enormous amount of proof to the contrary, Elena’s methods ‘didn’t work.’

By raising her fees, Elena was able to ONLY attract her perfect clientele, and ones who were hungry to get amazing results. She also became more committed to her clients as she was able to dedicate more quality time to them without feeling overworked.

The next step was to clarify her business to make it simpler.

That meant one program, with one, specific outcome.

In Elena’s words -

“My clients started showing up committed and ready to change their lives, Clients on Demand pushes you beyond your comfort zone.”

That’s how Elena was able to move to a 6 figure business in 5 months.

“Everyone benefits from my success now. I was able to get clear on my message and my process.”During Clients on Demand, Elena gained the tools and the team to help her understand what it takes to expand successfully in the online world.

Elena is now changing more lives while gaining more freedom for herself and her family.

With only $317 in Facebook advertising, Elena was able to bring in over $35,000 in revenue.

Today, Elena is a member of the Millionaire Alliance program and is continuing to scale her business to a new level with the help of the Clients on Demand team.

“I couldn’t afford NOT to do this program. I knew what my life was life before Clients on Demand. I knew I had to do Millionaire Alliance to keep my success going and scale even more.”

Elena’s success isn’t out of the ordinary. Sure, it’s impressive, and Elena did everything asked of her, but it’s not a one-off, or a stroke of luck. Through dedication, clarity and hard work, Clients on Demand participants achieve the same type of results everyday.

If you provide a first rate service for your clients, it’s reasonable to expect you could do the exact same as Elena.

Learn more

About our programs and to see if you and your business is a good fit, head to russruffino.com/apply.

We’ll get on the phone for around 45 minutes, assess where your business is, what challenges you face, and how to get through them. Chances are, whatever your struggles, we’ve seen them before and know how to move past them.

If we genuinely think we can get you the same kind of results as Elena and hundreds of others, we may offer you a spot in Clients on Demand.

Either way though, this will be the most productive 45 minutes you’ve ever spent moving your business forward.