17th November 2017

In today’s episode, we find out exactly how relationship coach Marni Battista did $380,000 in sales while she was in COD. There will be some serious GOLD in today’s show! Marni is amazing at her job and just needed the right system and structures in place to bring the clients in the door. Now she has more freedom to dedicate to her clients, who show up committed and ready to work. Marni is a true rockstar committed to bringing love into the world and has a no-nonsense just-get-it-done attitude which helps her serve her clients to the highest outcome. For anyone feeling like they are left out of an exclusive club, this is the episode for you!

    In this episode we talk about:

  • Dating coach Marni Battista teaches how to find modern love for modern times.
  • Before COD, she tried internet marketing her course and had trouble just getting 20 clients. Her live events were not producing results either. She was burned out on signing up for programs and coaches and tried COD as a final last-ditch effort.
  • On a leap of faith, she expanded the program to $5,000 from $497 and her close rate grew to almost 80% with higher quality and more engaged clients.
  • Even though she didn’t think she needed the mindset shift, she showed up coachable, put her money ADD aside and just kept her head down and focused on the program.
  • Why it’s so important to be like the client you want to attract.
  • Since the beginning of July, Marni joined the Millionaire Alliance and is scaling and building up her business.
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    Dating with Dignity

13th November 2017

Violet Lange is a love/sex/relationship coach who is absolutely killing it in her coaching business. Four months ago she was stuck in low-ticket, content-marketing hell. Listen here to learn how she broke free and did more in 10 weeks than she had all year!

    In this episode we talk about:

  • Violet is an Executive Coach with an MBA from Harvard and was financially struggling before she embarked on the COD program. She was doing all the work but the clients weren’t showing up.
  • She was originally drawn to COD by the integrity of the program and knew she needed to take a different route than what she was previously offering as a program.
  • Violet knew her program could empower and provide service to many people through her own experiences and extensive knowledge of the dating world.
  • The difference between coaching mode and selling mode was an important skill for Violet to learn and structure her program.
  • A mindset shift was one of the biggest factors that changed Violet to believing what she could offer for a high-ticket price.
  • Violet has enrolled 16 people and has even upped her rates. When you are talking about something as powerful as finding the love of your life, that is one of the biggest investments and decisions one can make.
  • Due to how hands-on she is with her clients and the freedom of time she has to work with them, they find their results quicker.
  • Her website traffic alone went up from 3 leads a year to 20 leads a week.
  • The community and network of the program provided a feeling of support.
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    Violet Lange

10th November 2017

Do you seek more freedom and leverage in your life? The difference between someone out in the world winning and creating a large impact and someone just dreaming and struggling can be the difference of a few small tweaks. In today’s episode, Marc and Jayne join us to help you achieve your outcome and get unstuck from the ‘one day’ mentality. We give you some daily habits and rituals to get you there, the price of failure vs. the price of success, and the importance of acknowledging small wins along the way.

    In this episode we talk about:

  • How to get unstuck from the ‘one day’ mentality and why it’s important to watch who you listen to.
  • The distinction between being busy and intentionally working towards your dream.
  • The specifics of outcome are more important than a timeframe.
  • The impossible is only impossible for people that quit their dreams or don’t have the same passion as you.
  • Allow yourself to feel all the joy, gratitude, and excitement right now, rather than waiting until you get the car, house, team, etc. This will condition your subconscious towards your goals.
  • When something is going in the direction of your dreams and goals, acknowledge and celebrate it.
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6th November 2017

Have you ever created a low-priced service or program, but struggled to sell it to clients? Seems strange that a low-end offer would be so darn difficult to sell… right? Here’s the interesting part: at Clients On Demand, we’ve heard this same story from many of our clients. They had already tried selling their course or service in the past. They tried to sell it for $200, $300, $400, but it was like pulling teeth to get people to say YES to their program. So you can imagine the FEAR and disbelief when we told them to RAISE THEIR RATES on their offer. When our clients started charging MORE, that’s when the sales started coming in. Join us as Marc Von Musser and I take a sales-based look at WHY it is actually EASIER to sell a $5K offer than a $500 offer.

    In this episode we talk about:

  • When you command a premium price, you can massively simplify your business.
  • High prices reassure that you are the best one to get them quality results — when it’s in alignment with the value of the product. When you charge a low price you turn off the most-qualified clients.
  • It gives more skin in the game so that the client then is more accountable to the outcome.
  • One-size-fits-all programs many times don’t provide the outcome that helps and transforms.
  • Fewer clients equals more money. You can go deeper with fewer people and provide a VIP experience.
  • Our mission is to help people build business to maximize their freedom, impact, and results.
  • The key factor in winning or losing is your certainty and confidence in your belief to transform the client.
  • We can help you roll out your program and there is an actual structure to support going from low to high-ticket offers.
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3rd November 2017

When it comes to building a seven-figure-plus business, do your insecure thoughts ever hijack your brain? Do you feel confident one minute, and the next it’s as if fear jumps into the driver’s seat and takes control, leaving you helplessly along for the ride? Sure, you want to grow your business, and transform the people that you work with, but let’s get vulnerable for just a moment. Join Jayne Jewell and I as we take a deep dive into the hard-wiring mindset of those who earn seven figures or more.

    In this episode we talk about:

  • The belief that you must be wired a certain way in order to earn a seven-figure-plus business. Are people hardwired for financial success and born that way, or can you learn certain qualities along the way?
  • The most important question is: are you able to actualize or materialize the outcomes you want to have happen in your life?
  • Seeing the big picture of where you want to go and what you want to create in the world is extremely important to success. Try to cultivate the ability to see what outcome it is you want.
  • It comes down to the questions we ask ourselves and the way we visualize and dream big.
  • Why it’s important to own your space as an expert and how this certainty is what provides the client a real outcome they deserve.
  • Fear can be a signal that you are growing and out of your comfort zone. The ability to manage fear and doubt is another quality to having a millionaire mindset.
  • Taking action on both the big leaps and smaller steps on a constant basis is how you get stronger.
  • Pick one thing to start and take action on, and one person who can share their strategy and resources who can coach you through the fear and proper mindset. Getting pulled in many different directions and visions is a waste of your own money and energy.
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30th October 2017

Join us as Marc Von Musser and I pull back the curtain on our seven-figure business!

We’ll discuss why creating only two offers has been so incredibly effective, and, why it’s still the OPPOSITE from what nearly everyone else online does. And then, we’re going to do something even BETTER… I’m going to show you our actual numbers and MATH behind our two-offer strategy (and you’ll see why it blows other online marketing strategies out of the water). Let’s face it, the hard data doesn’t lie. You don’t need lots of offers. You don’t need complex funnels. You don’t need anything low-ticket.

    In this episode we talk about:

  • Why simple is better for you and your clients, and the downsides of a complicated funnel.
  • How our two-offer strategy is more effective and works better than a program with many levels of smaller offers.
  • The key to the fastest way to a seven-figure business that is transformational for both you and your clients’ lives.
  • What the cost of a front-end program should be, as well as a higher-level graduate program.
  • Why it’s important to own your space as an expert and how this certainty is what provides the client a real outcome they deserve.
  • Phase 1 program: Start with one problem your clients have (relationship, health, web design) and create a program to help them. This program is priced between $3-$10k.
  • How offering a premium program with only committed clients is the key to freedom. They will get the one-on-one attention from you and get the certainty to help with their transformation and achieving their dream.
  • Every goal becomes more attainable and more reachable with a simple straightforward program.
  • It’s a lot easier to achieve transformation with 10 committed clients rather than 10,000 low-ticket clients.
  • Income, freedom and the impact you are making are the three key tenets of why a two-offer strategy is important for you and your business.
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    Millionaire Alliance
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    Russ Ruffino

27th October 2017

As a coach or consultant, challenges are inevitable. How you respond to those challenges is your choice and will make or break your business. Our special guest today is Jayne Jewell, who is a major part of the brains behind Clients on Demand. She is also one of the very best personal development coaches on the planet and can create real permanent change and breakthrough in just a few moments when working with people. Jayne helps people overcome fear, stress, and limiting mindsets, to scale their businesses and ultimately their life bigger and better. One of the things we say all the time to our clients is that their number one job is to deal with fear. Jayne walks us through some actionable methods of dealing with stress and challenge to tap into our inner power and strength.

    In this episode we talk about:

  • A belief that has helped Jayne and many clients in being ready to serve and conquer is “Anyone, anywhere, anytime — I got this!”
  • When something happens, you have to reconnect with the outcome you want from the situation. Ask yourself what you want to achieve, what you want to serve, and focus on what winning looks like in that moment.
  • Part of the outcome is connecting with something bigger than yourself. We all have different ideas of what this looks like, as long as it’s outside of yourself and part of a bigger picture of working towards an outcome rather than having a victim mentality.
  • How to find your strength and name it so you can tap into it easily.
  • “Some people have 20 years of experience, and some people have the same year 20 times.”
  • Don’t just react to drama! It’s easy to be reactive or pretend like there isn’t a problem, but these techniques will help you pull yourself together to focus on showing up grounded, centered, and connected with your higher purpose.
  • Why habits and rituals are so important and the purpose they serve in building the necessary muscles for overcoming challenges. Jayne makes it a game and a challenge to herself to stay on her rituals.
  • You have to be congruent with your thoughts and your physiology. It’s hard to be depressed when you are carrying your body with confidence, and it’s hard to be upbeat when your shoulders are slumped and your head is down looking at the ground.
  • When you are shifting gears, purposefully take a few seconds to practice these methods and to get in a state to enter in a way where you are available to serve.
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23rd October 2017

On today’s show, Russ teams up with Adrienne Richardson (aka the Rainmaker) to talk about what does and doesn’t work when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Getting this right is the difference between blowing your budget, and earning back $10-15 for every dollar you spend! Adrienne gives some golden advice on how to make your ad succeed on Facebook in a time when things are already saturated and about to get a lot more competitive. If you want to stand out from the crowd you need: the right audience, a focus on targeting the problem instead of the person, attention-grabbing copy describing the problem the client has and the outcome you provide, and a captivating image. Jump on in and get ready for some super insider tips on Facebook ads!

    In this episode we talk about:

  • Why there is no platform better than Facebook to advertise on and reach a large number of people.
  • Almost everyone we have worked with found some benefit and a way to directly reach their target clients from placing Facebook ads.
  • There are some changes coming up this quarter for Facebook ads — an increase in ad spend for the holidays and more advertisers than ever before, which means a greater need to stand out in the crowd. The advantage to this is that once you know how to stand out and grab attention from the audience you can rise above the noise of all others.
  • The more people who are engaging, clicking, and commenting on a post, the more Facebook rewards you with cheaper clicks.

    Adrienne’s tips for Facebook advertising:

  1. Use the lookalike option in your ads. This finds an audience that matches your existing criteria of your base audience. The bigger your list is, the stronger your lookalike option will be.
  2. Take time to do some in-depth research on your audience on Facebook. If they have a certain problem in their business, follow where they might go to find that solution.
  3. Be sure your copy is in the language of your audience, and focus on getting the click rather than counting on them to do everything asked within the ad itself.
  4. Show the client that you understand what they are going through and that you can provide them the answer to their problem better than anyone else.
  5. The image must pack a punch and stop people right in their tracks. Lifestyle images work best but make sure you test them.
  6. In some tests that we ran, video ads didn’t convert nearly as much compared to static image ads.

  • Beware of Facebook Guru’s that preach the importance of just getting views. It’s all about the clicks for people to learn more rather than just passively watching.

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Millionaire Alliance
Clients on Demand
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Adrienne Richardson

20th October 2017

In today’s episode I interview the incredible Dr. Jason Klop. Jason came to Clients on Demand with a failed online business and non-existent warm network. In a matter of months, Jason was able to scale his business substantially and hire on an A+ team to help him reach incredible new heights. Jason is a Naturopathic Doctor on a journey to educate, empower, and treat those on their journey with digestive challenges. We hear how Jason went from an inconsistent client flow and increasing student debt to a more focused and directed program. This freedom provides the opportunity to help him focus on challenges of enrollment, website, and limiting beliefs. Jason can now provide a higher level of service to his patients, is creating a new level of freedom for himself, and is reaching a wider audience. We appreciate Jason’s serving the world in a wonderful and selfless way!

    In this episode we talk about:

  • Jason is a Naturopathic Doctor. He focuses on intestinal health and digestive issues and helps to provide an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery, focusing on herbal supplements, nutrition, and mindset.
  • His passion is helping others achieve health even after they have tried other methods that have failed them.
  • COD helped him narrow down what he wanted to do. He kept working at the system and stayed focused on the program, even though he didn’t get enrollments right away, and the consistency and hard work paid off.
  • He reached out to COD originally due to inconsistent client flow, climbing student debt, and a general sense that things could be better. He liked the flexibility of working remotely and thinking outside the box in terms of moving more of his practice online.
  • Having more certifications and education is great, but it doesn’t solve the marketing problems.
  • He has surpassed his original goal of over $20,000 a month.
  • Jason experienced a shift once he focused more on the outcome of helping others than on his number of Instagram followers or e-mail subscribers.
  • He now has seven people working for him and takes great happiness in being a leader and good role model for his employees.
  • Jason is at a point now where he is receptive and open to amazing opportunities.

    The five shifts

  1. Show up to serve above all else.
  2. Put a system in place with measurable outcomes.
  3. Create something in your life that runs as a system to help you get the outcomes.
  4. Act before you believe you are ready.
  5. Get help!
  • Having your own business is a big opportunity for personal growth.
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  • Dr. Jason Klop
  • Beat SIBO Naturally
    16th October 2017

    On today’s show, we deconstruct exactly what it takes to command $3,000 – $10,000 prices… and how you can know if you should be charging more. We define a high-ticket price, what it takes to feel good about charging such a premium, and how high prices result in a deeper commitment and larger gain from participants. We explore why a mindset of focusing on the outcome of what you can deliver is so important when positioning your message. A 40-minute webinar can do more for your career than years spent authority building. Power and answers come when you embrace your doubt and uncertainty, come up with a clear vision of the outcome you provide for others, and move into action aligned with your values!

      In this episode we talk about:

    • We breakdown our definition of a high-ticket or premium price offer: a range between $3 – $10,000 on the front end.
    • This large amount can be very terrifying for clients who are used to charging a smaller price or more small offers.
    • There are a couple things that it takes to demand a premium price offer: First, it must be transformative and solve a major life or business challenge. This can mean helping people with nutrition, health, relationships, business blocks, etc.
    • Often times people feel guilty or doubtful for charging so much. For example, a relationship coach helping a couple stay married and keep a family intact is priceless.
    • People show up to the program with the amount of commitment that the price level is based on. A program that charges high-ticket prices results in people showing up hungry and ready to work with skin in the game. You can also work with fewer clients and give more support and attention to your clients, instead of spreading your work too thin.
    • Insider tip: Position what you do in terms of the outcome that you deliver. Example: “I help working moms in their 40s get in the best shape of their life.”
    • Don’t get caught in the lie of believing you have to spend years proving your worth through certifications and credentials. We help our clients get across a message in a 40-minute webinar that normally would take years.
    • It’s okay to feel uncertain, and most times it is not based on reality. As long as you don’t let fear stop you from moving forward and keeping in action, it’s a win.
    • Answers come when you are focusing on your strength and talents.
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  • Clients on Demand
  • Russ Ruffino
    13th October 2017

    From a failing business model to $770k in WINS: Through hard work and dedication, the INCREDIBLE Peter Svenning shows us how success isn’t given, it’s earned. Peter is one of our very successful Client on Demand clients and is the head of the Leadership by Heart Coach Certification Program. He shares his business model with us and what has and hasn’t worked so we can learn from his success. Peter commands a premium price because he needs his participants to be fully and wholly committed to the specialized personalized development that he offers. We appreciate his commitment to helping others reach their own optimal success through a deep connection with helping themselves and others.

      In this episode we talk about:

    • His Leadership by Heart Coach Certification Program.
    • How he expanded from a Norwegian business to a worldwide market.
    • Why and how he commands a premium price, and how asking for a lower price leads to a lower commitment.
    • What obstacles he himself has endured as a business leader and running previous programs.
    • How his model changed once he joined the Clients on Demand program and some of his biggest lessons learned.
    • What changes and tweaks led to Peter’s impressive enrollment rate at 70%.
    • What he has learned so far and how his mindset has changed while also joining the Sales on Demand program.
    • The syntax of getting people to commit fully to the program and the importance of specifics in his webinars, live videos, and sales calls.
    • Live and make choices as though you are already in success. Immerse yourself in people that have a like-minded drive for development and a natural radiance.
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  • Millionaire Alliance
  • Clients on Demand
  • Russ Ruffino
  • Peter Svenning
    9th October 2017

    In today’s broadcast, Marc Von Musser and I break down exactly why you need to say NO to certain clients, and what it really takes to have a transformational, high-ticket offer. Raising your standards, which will, in turn, help you attract you the ideal client. Learn why we toss out 20% of all applications, and how we get a feeling of who may not be a fit for our team, based on our own lead flow and integrity. When you get the right people in your program, it’s a game changer — you get magical results with little to no drama. Finally, we wrap with how we know what traits we are looking for, and what traits are red flags.

      In this episode we talk about:

    • Strategies on how to get the client amazing and life-transformational results.
    • Clearly knowing and articulating the outcome that our clients provide for their clients.
    • How to justify charging a premium price; what happens when you undercharge.
    • Most times when people charge a low price they aren’t clear on the outcome and doubt their own value.
    • Building a decision on a larger data sample of potential clients.
    • Certainty and enthusiasm are contagious, but so are fear and negativity. This is why it’s so important for everyone in the program to have a good attitude.
    • We want people committed to their dream.
    • The most important factor of a program is the commitment level of the participants.
    • The four questions to ask:

    1. What’s the problem I solve?
    2. Can I help this person?
    2. Do I want to help this person?
    4. Are they committed?

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    6th October 2017

    Our amazing client Kaneisha breaks down how she did over six figures in revenue while she was in Clients on Demand! Kaneisha’s business, The Art of Applying, is one of the top leaders in admissions consulting. Since 2010, they have impressively earned over $4.7 million in merit scholarships and fellowships and she and her team of Ivy League graduates know the inside track at every stage, beginning with the application process, editing essays, interview prep, and finally choosing what school is the best choice.

    Kaneisha shares how joining Clients on Demand gave her the financial freedom, a shift in mindset and a formula to make triple figures in revenue in less than eight weeks with her signature high-ticket program and VIP super-lux program. Instead of giving her time, energy, and content away for less than she should, she uses her blog to showcase the amazing things happening in the company, like consultant spotlights and office updates. She builds authority through emails and webinars with such rockstar results that she now has over 100 people on a waiting list just to even talk to her.

    She herself is a very high achiever with two degrees from Harvard and the honor of graduating with second-year honors. By applying her steps from her COD work in terms of getting clear on what it is she offers, listening with an open mind and shifting limiting beliefs into those of success and abundance. We love working with Kaneisha and appreciate the major life-changing impact she has had on so many people.

    Mentioned in This Episode:

  • The Art of Applying
  • Millionaire Alliance
  • Clients on Demand
    2nd October 2017

    Are you going CRAZY with your Facebook Ads?!

    On today’s show, Ad Genius Adrienne Richardson and I dive into common roadblocks people face when trying to reach their target audience and what it takes to actually move past them. We’ll help you find how to get the biggest bang for your buck while finding the fastest way to reach your income goal. Trust the Clients on Demand team to help you find the best tools and tricks to help your Facebook Ads work for YOU. Tune in for some truth bombs and MASSIVE value you won’t want to miss!

    In this episode we talk about:

    • How to get the biggest bang for your buck on Facebook Ads
    • The fastest easiest way to reach your income goals and help a ton of people
    • The difference between a band-aid and an actual solution
    • What it takes to kick ass at Facebook ads and how empathy plays a role
    • The best tools and tricks for identifying what is truly going wrong with your ads
    29th September 2017


    In today’s podcast we address the top fears and roadblocks that are sabotaging your business. Jayne and I dive into how to break past indecision and get into an empowered state of resourcefulness. We’ll walk you through how to make changes in your mindset to get clear on your outcomes. Your vision affects not only your clients but your team and business as well. It’s time to get serious and in the right state of mind.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • Fears around taking your business online
    • How to break past indecision
    • How to move follow through when you’ve made a decision
    • How to deal with setbacks and challenges
    • How doubt and uncertainty paralyze you from taking action and the power of staying connected to your WHY
    • How to get into an empowered state of resourcefulness
    • Strategies for addressing fears and mental roadblocks head-on.
    • Knowing what your specific outcomes are and what emotional state you need to be in to take effective action.
    • How to get clear on your vision and the effect it has on your team, business and potential clients.
    • How to effectively set goals and how to follow through with them – The type of goals ultra successful people set
    27th September 2017

    In today’s episode we walk you through EXACTLY how to put yourself in a position to charge premium prices and where to find the ideal clients for your high ticket offer. Diving in further, we’ll help you understand exactly what you do and don’t need to sell your high ticket offer.

    Do: Need to be solving a big enough problem and how to articulate the solution you can offer.

    Do: Need to be excellent at what you do and the results you provide for your clients.

    Don’t: Need content marketing, information overloading or constant stream of new ideas

    Learn about the importance of mindset and how to let go of the limiting beliefs holding you back. If you don’t believe in your offer, neither will your clients. We tap into exactly how to get clear and be efficient in your offer and how giving less really is providing more.

    In this episode we talk about:

    • How to put yourself in a position to charge premium prices and where to find ideal buyers for your high-ticket offer.
    • Busting the myths around what you need to sell your high-ticket offer
    • How you can sell your high-ticket offer to ordinary people (aka you don’t need millionaire leads to sell your offer)
    • The importance of mindset and your beliefs : If you don’t believe the worth of your offer neither will the client
    • Golden sales advice from our incredible sales director around dealing with certain objections and why they come up.
    • How doubt is contagious but so is certainty
    • Diving into understanding what price is and where it comes from .
    • Why you don’t have to be well-known to sell high ticket successfully
    • The importance of your process being effective and efficient
    • How giving less is more
    • What your marketing needs to revolve around in order to command premium prices consistently.
    • How to make anyone a high-ticket buyer , not just people with a ton of money.
    26th September 2017

    HIGH-TICKET BUYERS: On today’s show, Marc and I talk about how to put yourself in a position to charge premium prices and where to find the ideal buyers for your high-ticket offers.

    24th September 2017

    MENTAL ROADBLOCKS: On today’s show Jayne and I dive into the top mental roadblocks that keep you from successfully selling your high-ticket offer and how to overcome them.

    • Why you need more than just a great strategy to succeed
    • Why you aren’t experiencing the power and success that you should be when you are an expert in your field.
    • How fear and sabotage are creating doubt instead of action
    23rd September 2017

    Clients on Demand with Russ Ruffino teaches coaches, service providers, and thought-leaders how to attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime they want. We’re here to answer one question: “How can you build a sustainable, 7-8 figure business that changes the world AND gets results for clients…without sacrificing your freedom?” If you want to know the answer, check out our podcast.