The 5 Critical Enrollment Goals Our ENTIRE Sales Team Commits to Every Day Without Fail…

Does anyone else find it disturbing and downright DANGEROUS that anybody can slap together a training course on selling and share it with the world?

Imagine the irreparable damage just one awful selling course could have on a business…

Think about it, you can get instant sales “training” almost anywhere nowadays:

It’s on YouTube.

It’s on Udemy (shudder).

It’s in free pdf reports and ebooks.

It’s at your fingertips on a moment’s notice, right?

But here’s what infuriates me…

How is it, that with all of the endless trainings and information on sales we have access to in today’s society, the industry standard is still only 6-8% close rate for a high-end offer?

(To put that into context, our sales team consistently closes 40% of the enrollment offers they make. That’s 6-7X the average!)

That statistic alone verifies and echoes something we at Clients On Demand have been deeply concerned about for many years:

There is so much terrible disinformation out there about how to successfully sell your high-end service to your clients.

People are learning selling techniques (more like “tricks”) that are ineffective, dishonorable and completely out of integrity with what’s best for the client.

It frustrates me to see people who have a GOOD offer follow some outdated or disastrous selling practice – only to have it KILL their sales and leave them scratching their heads… and asking themselves “where did I go wrong”?

The worst part is, a bad selling technique affects WAY more than just your business…

6-8% means that out of 100 families, 94-96 of them who really needed a solution will walk away WITHOUT getting the help they need.

In doing so, they’ll continue to sit on the problem(s) that makes their life miserable.

These clients are counting on you to show up and serve them on your enrollment calls…so I wanted to shed some light on the right way to do that… and the wrong way.

At it’s core, you want to look for a selling system that accomplishes 5 core goals:

#1 – Enroll the maximum amount of RIGHT people (and the minimum number of the wrong people).

Most phone sales strategies don’t allow for this.

Instead, if they answer with a YES, you take their money. Done deal.

It doesn’t matter if you like them…

It doesn’t matter if they are a fit for your service…

It doesn’t matter if you can really help them…

It’s all about getting the money and making the close.

To me, that’s downright barbaric (and incredibly ineffective).

You’ll either:

1 – Have a slew of clients working with you that aren’t a good fit (and probably aren’t going to get lasting results), or

2 – Have clients that feel pressured into a sale, which will leave you with a high return rate and angry ex-clients.

At the end of it all, with the “close them at any cost” approach, you’ll end up without the money, without a client and without a very decent reputation.

At Clients On Demand, 25% of our strategy calls don’t end up with us making an offer.

That’s a huge percent – 1 in 4 calls!

We make it a critical point to first determine whether or not we can help the person we’re speaking with (and identify if they are a good fit for our program).

We don’t just want the maximum amount of clients in our program.

We want to find the RIGHT clients.

#2 – Have the least amount of cancellations

This goal is worth mentioning quickly, as it piggybacks on the comment above.

In short, if you’re getting the RIGHT clients enrolled into your program, then you should have almost no cancellations.

#3 – Enroll them at a premium price

Pricing is a critical aspect of selling…

You need to ensure that you aren’t underselling for your services.

I’ve seen way too many people frustrated and getting nowhere with their $27 ebook that they are desperate to push.

At $27, nobody is going to be committed.

Nobody will have the determination, because there’s no skin in the game…

…which means, you’ll be hard pressed to help get people REAL, lasting results.

When you enroll clients into a high-end service ($3K-$10K), they are invested in YOU, and in the result they want to achieve.

These are the kind of clients who are going to show up every day committed, resourceful and highly coachable.

#4 – Enroll on the FIRST call

One call. That’s it.

When you focus on closing a client on the first call, you don’t have to deal with following up with them 5x, 6x, 7x or more.

You don’t have to waste time having the same conversation over and over again with a potential client, waiting for them to get off the fence or change their mind.

Who honestly has the time and energy for that?

I would rather put my time into scaling my business and helping my existing clients (who had the courage to take a leap of faith, and say YES) to get results. Those are the clients that are willing to take swift, decisive action.

#5 – It MUST be a positive experience for EVERYONE

It needs to be a pleasant experience for you, so you’re not dreading being on the phone with a potential client.

And more importantly, it needs to be a positive, winning situation for the client on the call.

The last thing you want is to have them hang up the phone and then bash you all over social media because they had a terrible experience, or felt pressured during the call.

It comes down to this:

Do you want to ENJOY picking up the phone and talking to your potential clients…(and have them get immense value out of the call, regardless of whether they enroll in your program or not?)

Do you want to detract people who are demanding deep discounts and ridiculous payment plans?

Do you want to have a SINGLE conversation and know whether or not someone is a fit for your program?

And most importantly, deep down, do you want to be able to create major impact with your business…and witness lives being changed because of your program?

NONE of these amazing outcomes will happen if you continue to use a sales strategy that isn’t authentic and congruent with your mission.

The reason the industry standard for high-ticket sales is only 6-8% is because nearly ALL of the sales strategies I’ve seen (and I’ve checked out a lot of them) are centered around selling, rather than SERVING.

At Clients On Demand, our team consistently enrolls 40% of offers made because we take a service-first approach to the strategy that I discussed above.

If you’re struggling to enroll clients into your program consistently every month (…even after price-cuts, sales, and low-end offer attempts)…

If the clients you do have aren’t the right fit and they aren’t showing up committed and ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work…

If you want to create a DEEPER impact for the ones who are serious about fixing their problem and transforming their life…

…then it all starts with creating the right offer, at the right price and adopting the right enrollment process.

At Clients On Demand, we help coaches, consultants and service providers to simplify their business, while scaling to 6 and 7 figures faster than they ever thought possible.

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