Do Customers Actually Love Higher Prices?

Want to increase the price of your services without taking a hit on your sales?

Want to get your current clients to practically ask you to charge them more?

It’s not as hard as you think.

In fact, customers love higher prices.

Before we talk about raising your price in order to make your clients happier, let’s take a look at how damaging a low-price mindset can be.

Paying Rock-Bottom Prices – Is It Ever OK?

Sales and discounts on miniscule, unimportant things are fine.

The local grocery store is advertising broccoli for $1.99 this week?  Great, I’ll buy two!

But what about the services that really matter? (you know, the ones where it is absolutely VITAL to get the job done right?)

What if you need to have laser-eye surgery?

What if you need to hire help for an aging or injured loved-one?

What if you need to board your pet while you’re away?

Are these the type of services you’re willing to buy from a discount company?

Me either.

No.  I don’t love lower prices.

I don’t love having a lower quality service.

I don’t love having to work more or sacrifice convenience.

I don’t love that lower prices gives me less personal attention, and longer waiting times.

I don’t love the underpaid, disgruntled staff who don’t want to help you.

I don’t love the stress/hassle that comes with a lower-cost.

I don’t love the overall unsatisfying experience.

The Power of Premium Rates

Customers will actually love you for increasing your rates.

When you start charging more, the caliber of service to your clients increases exponentially.  You can:

  • Increase your monthly revenue, while taking on less clients.
  • Give more time and personalized attention to your smaller client load
  • Provide convenient done-for-you options, so your clients don’t have to do any of the work, or deal with any of the stress (this holds a very HIGH value!)
  • Hire additional team members to help provide quicker service turnaround and exceptional ongoing customer care.

An elite client who pays top-dollar for your premium rates place their values differently than lower-paying clients.  Cost isn’t their primary determining factor.  They value their time, convenience, personalized attention, quality, opportunity, and knowledge over money.

There will ALWAYS be potential clients who love paying higher prices.

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3 Ways To Attract More Clients

There’s a huge market of potential clients that desperately need your service, right?

But for whatever reason, they aren’t coming to you in droves like you expected.

What gives?

I’ve been in this scenario before, and it can wreak some pretty serious emotional (and financial) turmoil.  There’s a lot of moving pieces to this marketing puzzle, and you don’t know exactly where you’re going wrong.

You start flooding your mind with questions, such as:

“Did I get my ideal market right?”

“Am I sure that there’s a need for my service?”

“Did I get my offer right?”

“What are my competitors doing that I’m not?”

Relax.  You may be a few simple tweaks away from a steady stream of high-paying clients.

Rather than focusing on detailed questions, let’s first make sure that you are nailing some of the marketing fundamentals.


3 Ways You Can Attract More Of The Clients That You Desire

(1) STOP Implementing “Cross Your Fingers” Marketing

When it comes to my potential clients, I don’t hope they come to me.  I KNOW they will….Because I make them.

Gone are the days of putting up a website and hoping to get on the 1st page of Google so people can magically stumble upon you.  In today’s market, you have to take a bolder, more proactive approach.

You have to deliberately direct them to you.  That involves:

  • driving qualified traffic through a well-strategized sales funnel.
  • building your authority, (through webinars, sales videos, etc.) so that they trust that YOU are the best solution they’ve been searching for.
  • creating a continued relationship with your potential clients, (through follow-up emails) so that they only want to work with you.  They may not be ready to say ‘yes’ after your first offer.  But when they are ready, they’ll be coming back to YOU.


(2) Find Where Your Hungry Buying Audience Is Hanging Out

It’s VITAL to focus your time and energy on the right people in your market.

Just because someone fits into your target market “pool”, doesn’t mean that they are ready to become your client.

So…Who is in your pool of potentials?  You’ve got 4 different main crowds…


Group 1:  The “I Don’t Even Know That I Have A Problem” People

You’ll have a LOT of work to do before you can sell them a service that solves a problem they don’t even know they have.  In my opinion, it’s not worth all the time and energy.  Move on.


Group 2:  The “I Might Have a Problem, But It’s Not Bad Enough Yet”  People

These are the lukewarm “tire-kickers” that just aren’t motivated enough yet to invest a lot of time or money into your solution. (No worries, either their problem will solve itself, or it’ll eventually get bad enough for them to get off the fence and do something about it).


Group 3:  The “I’m Searching For a Solution” People

This crowd knows they have a problem, and they’re starting to do their due diligence to get it solved.

They are googling solutions online.  They are comparing different options.  They are educating themselves via books, webinars, podcasts, etc…

Your job is to focus on 2 areas with this crowd:  Value, and Transformation.


Group 4:  The “I Need You to Come Rescue Me NOW!” People

These guys have a major freaking problem, and they’re drowning in it.  They know they need help.  They know they can’t wait.  They want it solved yesterday.

They just need you to offer them a lifeline.

Find out where the Group 3 & Group 4 people are – THIS is your Hungry Buying Audience.

What are they Googling?  What else have they tried already?

Which sites are they going to for help?

THAT’s where you need to be.


(3) Become the Rolls Royce of Your Industry

Are you offering the same tired service that everyone else in your industry is offering?

The fastest way to differentiate is by positioning yourself as the BEST, most complete, most PREMIUM solution to their problems.

While everyone else is bottoming out their prices…you RAISE yours.

While the others are turning themselves into commodities…you deploy marketing so powerful that your audience knows that working with you is PRICELESS.

Let me ask you this…

You have a premium service, right?  You’re not the same as the “other guy”.  Don’t allow yourself to get lost in that sea of service providers.

Dare to be different from your competitors!

Take a unique approach.  Package it up differently.  Make a truly bad-ass, bold promise or guarantee that they can’t ignore.

Get people talking about you.

Be the eye-catching Rolls Royce in your industry that turns heads.

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How to Start Attracting Clients Who Can Afford Your Services

Are you an unfortunate magnet for the Rock Bottom Price clients?

Do you attract “THAT” crowd? – you know, the ones that expect deep discounts, buy the lowest service packages, yet somehow still suck up most of your time & energy?

Oh yeah, I know these leeches all too well…

They are true masters at getting WAY more than they actually pay for.  But are you getting what YOU need?  Not in the slightest.

I used to be a victim of their low-paying shenanigans.

When I began my business, I was so excited to have any clients, that I couldn’t see that the ones I was attracting didn’t value me or my time.  I became a workaholic (not really by choice), and became overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of the workload.  My clients were managing ME, not the other way around.

Looking back, I know exactly where I went wrong.

I was trying to establish my business, and offered a “premium service” to everyone, even though they weren’t paying the premium rates.  I built up quickly, but it was with the wrong group of clients.  I would come home after a grueling 10 hour day to collapse on the sofa and do it all again the next day.

Sound familiar?

Do you ever wonder how you got to this point of exhaustion?  We don’t consciously CHOOSE it. Nobody ever dreams of having no vacations, high blood pressure, and zero balance between work and family time.

Little mistakes that you don’t even realize you’re making in your business are causing a world of unnecessary chaos in your life.

Are you charging your clients too little?   Are you scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to client selection?  Probably both.

This is fixable. But you MUST ditch the mooches.

So how do you repel the “Lowest Price Guarantee” crowd, and go after those who are willing to pay for your expertise?


Attract The Dreamy TOP-DOLLAR Clients That You Actually Want.

Ask for what you are worth.

You want more money?  You want less clients and less stress, but still have the ability to pay the bills and go on vacation?  Start demanding what you are worth.  Your price acts as a filter. Those that truly see the value in your service will pay what you ask.  The rest will move on to get cheap services out of an another poor soul.

Of those clients who are willing to pay what you’re worth,

Only take on clients you KNOW you can help, and will enjoy helping…

Most of the world associates “work” with something they dread doing.

I’ll say this…it’s very hard to dread your work when you’re working minimal hours because you have a handful of GREAT high-quality clients that you love working with who pay you handsomely every time!


Stop charging by the hour.

We live in a world that is used to trading time for money, which is completely ridiculous!

When you charge based on solving someone’s major problem, it has a much higher perceived value.  Doesn’t matter how long it takes.  Promise an end-result, and you’ll start catching the interest of high-end clients.


Position yourself as the premium expert in your field.

No matter where you price your services at, there is a market that is willing to pay.

There will always be low-ballers who buy the cheapest service options available.  And there are those who will always gravitate to the high-end services, because they perceive it as being the best.

It is the SAME service, just positioned and packaged differently to appeal to different markets.


Keep the free service time to a minimum.

A free service (such as a 30-minute Consultation) is meant to do 2 things:

  1. Determine in a very short amount of time if this is a client you can help (and vice versa).
  2. Lay the groundwork or action plan for the paid service.

I know of an alternative health practitioner that offers 3 free consultation visits, before he even asks you for money.  THREE!  It’s no wonder he is running ragged through his medical center, with backed-up appointment times, and having a hard time retaining new clients.

Who’s honestly going to pay for the service when you’re giving your best stuff away for free?  If the problem has been solved, there’s no need for them to return.

So, let’s review quickly…

If you want to attract clients who can afford your services, you simply need to set your prices at what you feel you are worth.  Charge for the value you bring, not the time you spend.  Position yourself as a “must work with” premium expert who can solve their problem.  And stop spending all of your time on FREE services.

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Are You Making These Common Pricing Mistakes?

What Is Your Pricing Telling Your Audience?

Do you tend to attract low-end clients?  (or even no clients at all?)

Do they constantly drag out their appointment times, trying to get the most bang for their minimal-paying buck?

Do you have a hard time collecting payments from clients?


Do you have way more clients than you can handle, and it’s stressing you out?

Do you feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done?

Do you spend more time at appointments than with family and friends?

The KEY is finding your magic “sweet spot” price that speaks clearly to the client-base that you’re going after.

Over the last decade or so, I’ve discovered many pricing mistakes (most of which I’ve made myself), and that’s what I’m about to share with you.


Are YOU Making These Pricing Mistakes?

Mistake (1) You have “status quo” rates.

You place ALL the competition in the exact same playing field as you.

If you have “average” prices, what does that insinuate about the quality of your service?

Make sure your rates reflect your premium service.


Mistake (2) You’ve priced your service WAY out of the ball park.

The focus of this mistake shouldn’t be on pricing, here.

Let me state this very clearly –

There is always, (ALWAYS) someone willing to pay for your service, no matter the price point.

Take a Hypnotherapy service, for example. There are therapists that charge $85 for a 1-hour hypnosis session.  There are also therapists with FULL schedules that charge over $1000, just to meet with them once!

What’s the difference?  Perceived value.

If you’re charging high rates and not getting the clients you want, then you probably aren’t showing enough perceived value that reflects that price point.


Mistake (3) You don’t recognize your VALUE.

Are you the person who comes home completely drained after a 10 hour day that’s packed with needy clients?  You’re stressed and overwhelmed because your schedule is at max capacity and something has to give.

STOP low-balling yourself!  This is a clear indicator that your services are priced WAY to low.


Mistake (4) You don’t have a clearly defined pricing strategy.

Are you consistent with the price of your service, or do you waver and fluctuate your rates from client to client?

There IS an appropriate time to drop (or even raise) your prices, but it needs to be part of a well thought out plan.  Your clients will respect you more (and know what to expect) if you have a set pricing system that they can depend on.


Mistake (5) You are still charging for your time.

This is often a lose-lose scenario for both you and your client.  If you charge, say, by the hour, the client’s main concern shifts from getting their problem solved to getting as much as they can from you in that hour. This creates added stress for you. Worse, it destroys your authority because now the client sees you as just another paid employee, instead of an expert.

Stop basing your fees on how long it takes you to provide your service. Base it solely on the actual value of the end-result that you’re providing to your client.

Poor pricing leads to poor clients who don’t pay you what you’re worth.

If you want to get paid TOP DOLLAR by clients who desperately need your premium service…

And if you want to know the EXACT price you should be charging for your offer…

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