In August 2017, we had our first Million Dollar Month. Even better, we’ve reached that milestone AGAIN in November and December 2017 and AGAIN in January 2018. In fact, it’s now the new normal around here.

So, you might be wondering:

Was our success because of…

… Adrienne’s Facebook ad strategy?
… the images we use on our ads?
… the application BEFORE the enrollment call?
… the the layout of the webinar?
… the follow-up sequence AFTER the webinar?
… Marc’s secret enrollment call formula?
… the funnel layout?
… the time between webinar and enrollment call?
… 24/7 Hustle and Grind?
… the structure of the course itself?
… launching a new product?
… something else?

I can tell you this…

It’s not what I THOUGHT it would be.

And it wasn’t until we hit that elusive million dollar per month mark that we REALLY knew… and had hard numbers to PROVE… what actually works.

Look, a lot of companies online can tell you what they THINK it takes to hit one million dollars per month, but few, if any, can tell you what it actually takes because they’ve never done it–especially month after month.

By the way, if I’d realized this sooner, I’m CERTAIN we could’ve hit one million per month even FASTER.


Don’t get me wrong, it still takes work.

Lots of work. You still have to walk the path too.

After all, less than .5% of all businesses EVER hit $1 Million per month.

Which means, it probably won’t be the kind of work you’re expecting or even what everyone else is telling you it takes.

So if you’re addicted to the 24/7 hustle and grind…


If you’re worn and out and exhausted by all the crap that doesn’t work…


… if you’re just ready to ramp things up and START MULTIPLYING YOUR IMPACT & your INCOME…

… then you’re going to want to SHOW UP and LISTEN to this.

I won’t be surprised if we have some folks call us crazy after this one. And that’s ok because we KNOW WHAT WORKS.

Will it work for you too? I think it could, but you’ll want to decide for yourself…