Stop Selling. Start SERVING.

When you pick up the phone, and start dialing the number for a sales call, dozens of thoughts can instantly enter and swim around in your head…

“I hope they’ll pick up…”

“Oh God, I’m nervous – – what if I mess up the script?”

“What if I can’t get past an objection, and I get another NO?”

“I really need this one to say yes…”

BUT – What if just ONE simple shift happened before and during that call?What if a simple tweak took away all those thoughts? (or at least as many as possible).

On this video, Marc and I will break down the #1 element our 7-Figure clients are doing differently with their enrollment calls that is creating such an enormous impact…

At Clients On Demand, we help coaches, consultants and service providers to simplify their business, while scaling to 6 and 7 figures faster than they ever thought possible.

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