Vanessa Simpkins didn’t ‘need’ Clients on Demand.

By most people’s standards, she was already crushing it.

Vanessa runs a women’s empowerment company focusing on helping entrepreneurs who need encouragement to take their business to the next level.

Before joining the program, she was bringing in around $20,000 a month from her business.

She was already utilizing an automated system for both the webinar and her sales process. But here’s where Vanessa’s problem was - her closing rate was low. She was wasting hours and hours on the phone, struggling to enroll clients, and working way too many hours to fulfil her dream of having a hands-off, lifestyle business.

She’d tried other ways of marketing, and taken other courses, but, in her own words -

“I wasted around $30,000 trying to create passive income.”

Vanessa’s programs were all low-ticket. And while that meant she rarely ran into price objections, it lead to a problem.

The clients who did invest showed up not invested or committed to the process. “That’s not the transformation game. That’s the information game.” Vanessa remarked.

In the age of the internet, information is readily available to all. We can find out anything, any time, absolutely free.

But what makes the real difference and leads to true transformations?

Having that mentor who creates accountability and helps foster the transformation process. That is priceless.

“It’s not about getting the right software [...] it’s about introducing yourself to a better more powerful self.

The formula is simple. “When you get clarity, you get action. When you get action, you get results.”
Vanessa realized she need a mindset change to focus on offering more value to her clients at a higher rate. This required her to show up and clarify her offer, and to realize the true value she was offering.

When she did this, with the help of COD, it lead to incredible transformations for her business as well as her clients.

Vanessa finished Clients on Demand and has moved onto the Millionaire Alliance program. Her business has increased at an incredible rate.

In 6 months, Vanessa made over $150,000 in revenue. She currently has 13 people on her team. She’s simplified her business and has seen incredible growth because of it.

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