Some extraordinary client results.

Business Coaching

“Got my 4th $5k sale”

Just weeks into the program, Helen brought in four $5,000.00 sales. Before joining Clients On Demand, Helen had never charged premium prices, and now she sees a clear path to 6-figures per month!

Personal Development

“9 students at 10k each”

I took a little different approach on this one (it is a 16 week course that doesn’t roll) but used the tools you taught and now have 9 students enrolled at $10k a piece. Sweet!

Personal Development

“6-figures per month”

After joining our Clients On Demand workshop, Richie passed one of his long standing goals of hitting 6 figures per month. Not only has his income soared, he’s worked less than ever before.

Business Coaching

“$210,000 in 30 days.”

We helped Diana develop a high-ticket workshop for her business coaching clients, which she sold for $5,000 – the highest price she had ever charged. Within 30 days, she enrolled 42 new clients into the program, earning $210,000 in the process.

Personal Development

“$9k in a day.”

After hitting a plateau in her consulting business, MK decided to join our workshop. In only a few weeks, she had made $9,000 in pure profits, without spending a dime on advertising… and continues to make sales to this day.

Traffic Strategist

“$50,000 on the first run.”

Jason is a pay-per-click traffic expert who needed more clients at a premium price. We helped him use our Spellbinding Webinar System™ to craft the perfect client-getting webinar, which brought him $50,000 in new business on the VERY first run.

Life Coaching

“I can do this, so can you”

When Jessica joined us, she was an absolute newbie who had tremendous value to deliver, but had never sold anything online before. Within 3 weeks, she was making sales of her brand new program at $2500.

Business Coach

“In just 1 week I closed $9,000”

I Just signed up a week ago with no list and closed my first $9,000 deal yesterday. Thanks for putting out such a great product!

Business Coach

“Officially had my first $100k month”

So four month’s after I joined Russell Ruffino’s Clients on demand program. I’ve officially made my first £100k month.

Business + Leadership Coach

“6 weeks and $60k later.”

Within 6 weeks I had completely rebuilt the backend of my business and brought in an additional $60k in income!

Couple of things to keep in mind

These are all real clients. We hide their names to protect their privacy. No one is ever compensated in any way for what they write. These are all extraordinary entrepreneurs with tremendous work ethic and amazing offers.

They worked their butts off and pushed through huge challenges to succeed. This is not easy. We have not independently verified that the results they’ve shared are true. We take their word for it, we don’t ask for bank statements. Take it all with a grain of salt, if you like. Enjoy!

Publicity and Visibility

“I've doubled my income goal”

Massage Therapy

“I've quadrupled my income”

Cloud Computing

“There's nothing else like this”

Real Estate Investing

“ROI within 60 days of joining”

Personal Training

“I'm not stuck anymore.”

Natural Health

“Russ will get you where you want to go.”

Essential Oils

“This changes everything”

Crisis Intervention

“Overcome at the sense of clarity.”