Kaneisha Grayson is a Harvard graduate with both an MBA and an MPH.

She’s been in business for 7 years, helping applicants apply for graduate school. Her unique program – ‘The Art of Applying’ – assists in every step of the application process. From filling out application forms, all the way through to picking the right courses.

Before Kaneisha found Clients on Demand her business was making money, but not Harvard money. Total revenue in 2015 was around $270,000.

Her program consisted of an intro call that she charged $500.

This call gave clients lots of information … too much information in fact. So much so that most clients didn’t feel they needed to sign up to the full program after that initial call.

Kaneisha’s aha moment came when she calculated the value of the scholarships her clients were receiving versus the people who decided not to move ahead.

While her paying clients were sealing in the region of 3 million dollars in merit based scholarships, the people she’d had the introductory call with who’d not gone any further with Kaneisha were around the 1.7 million mark.

Something had to change …

Knowing that something wasn’t adding up, Kaneisha frantically Googled ‘how to get high paying clients’ and landed on Clients on Demand.

As soon as she enrolled with COD, Kaneisha made some major changes right away.

She removed her low ticket offer and created just two programs.

The first was a high ticket entry level offer, and the second offer was a VIP program to help clients beyond the first program.

She realized that giving people only a piece of the solution (i.e. her old $500 introductory consult) was not helpful. Not only did it mean fewer sign ups for Kaneisha, but many of the people who took her up on this didn’t get long-term, sustainable results, as they didn’t take all the steps they needed.

By clarifying her offer and upping the value and incentive, she was able to better serve her clients.

Right away, Kaneisha saw instant results with waiting lists of 30 to 40 people to sign up for a call. (And potential clients are still responding to the email she sent out weeks before.)

The thing is, Kaneisha didn’t get incredible results right away.

During her first four weeks, she struggled with getting conversions on her sales calls. Her calendar was fully booked with people eager to hear more about what she had to offer, but when it came to pulling the trigger, she was getting the typical –

“Sounds great, but let me think about it.”

“Okay, sure, I’ll just have to check with my parents first.”

“Amazing. I’d love to, but the funds just aren’t there right now.”

That’s when she set up a call with Coach Lisa to address some mindset issues.

Kaneisha soon realized she had to let go of the limiting belief that her business was special. ‘Special’ in the sense that the tools and tactics of Clients on Demand wouldn’t work because her business was unique.

Because many COD success stories revolve around business, health and relationship programs, Kaneisha assumed some of the methods wouldn’t work for her. But that wasn’t the case.

“You have to be willing to listen and take advice,” Kaneisha says.

That’s how she was able to step away from that call with coach Lisa and close almost every deal after. She attributes much of her success to the flexibility and willingness to make changes.

“It’s not about learning one new thing and you’re good. It’s about conditioning a new mindset.”

By the end of the program, Kaneisha made over $100,000 in revenue.

I’m going to make a million dollars or more this year thanks to Clients on Demand.

I joined Clients on Demand in March 2017 after being in business for seven years and not earning as much as I knew I could nor reaching as many people as I knew I could. I’m going to share the numbers from my business, because that’s what people who are considering signing up care about hearing. They want to hear about real results from real people.

In the two months I was in the program, my business brought in $100,000+ in revenue. I was blown away by the results, so I then made another commitment and signed up for the yearlong intensive program. My goal was to bring in $60k per month in revenue, and the coaches encouraged me to aim for $100k. I thought that was lofty, but I went along with it.

Just four months after joining the yearlong program, I had my first $100k month. I was ecstatic. They helped me aim higher, and I rose to that higher expectation!From April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018, my business earned over $800,000 in revenue (actual cash collected, excluding refunds).

Compare that to the same period before joining Clients on Demand, when my business brought in slightly less than $225,000 for April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017.

I went from bringing in $225k in 12 months to $800k+ in 12 months!

As of this review (June 2018), I am $50k away from earning ONE MILLION DOLLARS in 12-month revenue (July 2017 – June 2018). No, I do not mean one million dollars in future sales or long-term contracts where I collect the money over a year; I mean ACTUAL CASH COLLECTED.

If we don’t hit the goal of $1M in 12-month revenue by end of June, we’ll hit it by end of July. It’s no longer a matter of “Will I ever reach that goal?” but “Will I reach that goal this month or next month?”

I knew I was not earning my potential as an entrepreneur. Clients on Demand taught me what I needed to know to get more of the right clients, and gave me the encouragement, community, and system I needed to grow my business. They didn’t teach me how to be a great coach; I already was. They taught me how to stop being the best kept secret in my industry.

Despite the business income, the best part about how much Clients on Demand helped me and my business is that it is helping me reach way more people who are desperate for our help, help more people achieve their goals and dreams, and have a bigger impact in this world.

I have a diverse remote team of seven full-time employees, and the team is growing. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to provide fulfilling work not just for myself but for other people. Our client results are even better than they already were, because the business has enough cash to run its operations more smoothly and reach exactly the right people that I know we can help.

For those of you wondering if I’m being paid to write this, I am not. I don’t get anything for writing this review. I wrote it because my business also asks our clients to provide testimonials of their experience with us, and I know how helpful they can be to people who are wondering “Is this too good to be true?”

I didn’t use my real name (not even my first name) because my name is unique and I already receive a LOT of outreach from people wanting to ask me questions and hear about my experience.

If you somehow track me down online, no, I will not chat with you about my experience in Clients on Demand nor answer your questions. It’s not that I don’t care or don’t want to be excited for you and with you. It’s that Clients on Demand has a well-trained team that is available to answer any and all questions you could ever have about the program, and there are dozens of videos interviews with past clients you can watch online. I am (happily) busy running my business, working with my clients, writing, and living my life to adequately respond to the many people who reach out to me.

Just know that I had an outstanding experience, it worked for me, and I’m deeply grateful that when I was looking for help, I found them, then I invested in working with them, I followed their directions, and believed it would work.

As a serial online searcher always looking for “the catch” or “the trick,” I am so grateful that I didn’t talk myself out of moving forward with Clients on Demand. It was a leap of faith for me, and one I am so glad I took. The program changed my business, and in turn, my life.

Kaneisha Grayson

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Today Kaneisha is working on building up her sales team to help scale her business to a new level. She’s joined Millionaire Alliance and is continuing to move towards the million dollar business she has always dreamed of.

Not everyone is like Kaneisha.

Not everyone has a program that truly delivers results.

Not everyone has the willingness to change and adapt.

Not everyone can leave their ego at the door and adopt new methods.

But, if you can do this, we’d love to offer you a 45 minute call with someone from the COD team so you can find out exactly what the Clients on Demand difference is.

It might change your life.

It might help you refine your offer. It might get you that million-dollar business.

Whatever it is, it will definitely be worth 45 minutes of your life.

What 1% Of Business Owners Know That You Don’t

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I promise it will be the most rewarding 40 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.

What 1% Of Business Owners Know That You Don’t

Watch our training

I promise it will be the most rewarding 40 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.