For Lydia Knight, integrity is the most important thing in her life, and her business. She was looking for a program that mirrored that belief, which led her directly to Russ and Clients On Demand.

Lydia helps women become completely free from eating disorders and food issues.

Before enrolling in Clients On Demand, Lydia got amazing results for her clients and she wanted everyone to know about it.

She knew she had something amazing and was confident she could help more women, but everything was a hustle.

One thing that held her back before COD, was that she couldn’t think of how she could give more time and effort to the program.

“I was working so hard on my blog, my podcast, my videos – spending so much time just to let women know it existed.”

Lydia was struggling with a “willy-nilly process” of getting clients. It was unpredictable at best. She didn’t know when a client was going to show up and she didn’t have the best shot at serving them.

Her income, lifestyle, and contribution were all suffering.

“When I saw the quality of people in the program [COD]…I followed everything I was taught.”

It completely changed my life (not even counting our million dollar business)

I would have said this was the best BUSINESS decision I have ever made, but it turns out it’s one of the best LIFE decisions I ever made.

I started in COD as a newly single mom with an unpredictable business. I knew I had something amazing – I could end eating disorders. But I felt like I couldn’t coach my clients in the way that I really wanted to: partnering together and fixing their problem all the way. FIX it. No one in my space was doing that and it made me feel like “there must be a reason.” I felt like I had to give away everything, create hours of free content, and never charge much for my session packages because no one else was charging more.

I knew that if I had a good month, coaching would take up all my time. And there were more people to help. But then finding those people was hit and miss. Would someone watch 20 hours of free content, come on their own to my website, and get a coaching package with me? I hope so. And hope didn’t seem like the way to change the world.

When I found COD it blew my mind. Wait, you CAN actually charge a premium price, find all the right clients, and actually FIX someone’s problem like you have been wanting to?

Starting COD was so far out of my comfort zone. I had never invested that much in myself. But I knew the alternative was to stay small. And I fix a BIG problem. I needed a business to match.

So I jumped into COD and got better results for my clients than ever before, made $37k in 4 weeks and worked fewer hours on client support than ever before. ALL my clients came to me. And they were ideal.

Women after 40 years of binge eating were ending the cycle in 4 weeks. 25 years with bulimia and done in 6 weeks. I realized, just like me, when they invested in themselves, they showed up and did the work like never before. I had never enjoyed coaching so much.

Our business grew by 1,700% in a few months (yes…THOUSAND percent). And we went from hoping for the right people to find us to a calendar booked out over a month and a waiting list of over 100 people at a time.

In less than a year we scaled to a million dollar business.

And most of the key pieces that I learned in COD, I wouldn’t have even thought to consider before the program.

They not only know their stuff strategy wise, but they teach you how to be the person you need to be to change the world in your way.

I have a life I could have never dreamed of, a purpose that excites me every day, and the ability to be as successful as I want knowing that I don’t have to sacrifice my priorities or freedom.

Thank you COD team. Love you guys!

Lydia Knight

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She repackaged her offer into an 8 week program and in her first 4 weeks in COD she made 60 times the revenue she had previously.

She made more in the first quarter than her best income year ever.

And she was coaching a handful of hand-selected clients she loves.

“The idea of giving someone a RESULT instead of getting paid for my time was a revelation.”

Now she has leveraged her time in a way that gets her clients even BETTER results than before, while still giving Lydia free time to spend with family, travel and work from home.

She regularly gets messages from clients thanking her for the high price of her program. They were much more committed to the program after investing more in themselves.

“I can honestly say COD is the best business decision I’ve ever made in my life. I thought I would come into the program and learn the nuts and bolts – I had no idea how much it would impact me personally…”

“The team is amazing… if I had all the money in the world I couldn’t have figured it out on my own.

I can literally help as many women as I want to and it won’t take over my life, because of what I’ve learned.”

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What 1% Of Business Owners Know That You Don’t

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I promise it will be the most rewarding 40 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.

What 1% Of Business Owners Know That You Don’t

Watch our training

I promise it will be the most rewarding 40 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.