Have you ever felt like there’s a battle going on inside your head? A fight for your future? A battle between staying stuck where you are and living the life of your dreams?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, we see this brain battle going on all the time with the clients we serve.

It’s a battle between two types of thinking: Rich Brain thinking vs. Poor Brain thinking.

You see, we’ve had a very unique vantage point to watch the results and thinking of thousands of coaches and consultants as they worked with us.

And because we were able to watch how they think, we’ve been able to identify 5 differences between Rich Brain thinking and Poor Brain thinking.

To be clear, this isn’t just about money. It’s more about the mindset difference between people who continue to move forward and the others who get — and stay — stuck.

You can use these as a mental checklist… an audit if you will… to see which brain is winning the fight for your future most of time.

And by the way, these 5 distinctions are something you’ll want to come back to time and again — especially as you begin to experience more and more success.


When you see a competitor doing better than you, how do you react?

What do you notice? What feelings, emotions and thoughts come to the surface?

Do you use their success as evidence that you’re not as good as they are… that you’re not good enough? Or, do you use it as inspiration and think: “If they can do it, so can I!”

Do you use it to prove your theory about how tough or crowded the market is? Or, do you use it as proof that the market you’re in is thriving?

Rich Brains look for evidence to support the opportunity… abundance.

Poor Brains look for evidence to support the hardship… lack.

To make sure the Rich Brain is winning the fight for your future, ask this question:

How could I choose to be inspired by this situation?

Just asking the question is often enough to shift from Poor Brain to Rich Brain thinking.


Whether it’s a…

  • technology challenge…
  • ads not getting approved…
  • 37 sales calls in a row ending in “no”
  • or one of a thousand other “obstacles”

… Poor Brain thinking sees these (and just about anything else) as an excuse to quit. Give up. Tap out.

Rich Brains see obstacles as a signal to find a way where others get stuck and stop — a place to leap ahead of the competition. Fast.

Where Poor Brains see stumbling blocks, Rich Brains see stepping stones.

So how do you make the shift?

Here are 3 questions you can use to wake up your Rich Brain and keep it in the fight:

  • What can I do to WIN in this situation?
  • What meaning am I assigning to this situation that may not be true?
  • If it wasn’t an obstacle, what would I do next?

Look, we all get dealt a tough hand from time to time. It’s part of playing the game. The opportunity is in how you choose to play the hand. Do you fold? Or do you play to win?


Everything you want is on the other side of a risk…

  • The risk of rejection
  • The risk of spending money on ads that don’t work
  • The risk of putting yourself out there and getting laughed at
  • And, again, at least a thousand other risks

But here’s the truth: A Rich Brain sees, clearly, the BIGGEST RISK is standing still… never taking the chance… stopping before you even start.

The shift required here is to always be aware of where you are focusing your attention…

Are you focusing on how great it will be when you get that next client? OR… Are you focused on NOT getting the client — and how bad that would be?

Don’t be surprised when you get the EXACT thing you focus on. And because you tend to get exactly what you focus on, doesn’t it just make sense to focus on the reward and embrace the risk, not avoid the risk?

By the way, the best way I’ve found to consistently get the Rich Brain to do the thinking is to be on the right side of…


There’s nothing that quiets the Poor Brain faster than shifting the focus from you… what you want… what you’re scared of… the money you want/need… to… serving another human and meeting THEIR needs.

When you focus on serving… on meeting the needs of others… magic happens.

You practically eliminate confusion, stress and overwhelm because when you focus on others…

  • Your thinking about WHAT to do next gets clear
  • Your thinking about HOW to do what needs to be done gets clear
  • Your energy to push through obstacles is virtually limitless

And, I believe, Rich Brain thinking is a key reason why the “rich get richer.”


Because it allows you to truly think clearly and strategically about the ONE thing that most moves the needle in business and in life — meeting the needs of others.

All the greatest religions teach service and meeting needs (aka LOVE) for a reason — it’s what works best for living the best life.


This is an extension of the last point. But there’s one critical distinction I want to share:

Poor Brains see money as a tool to buy stuff. Rich Brains see money as a tool to upgrade to an even more valuable currency… the currency of time and mobility.

Why upgrade? Because the real currencies… the most valuable currencies… in the 21st century are the freedom of time and mobility. The freedom to do what you want, when you want, from wherever you want in the service of your fellow man.

Here’s the bottom line:

When you are able to train your brain to…

  • be inspired by the success of others instead of being threatened by it,
  • look for a way in every obstacle instead of an excuse,
  • embrace risk instead of avoid it,
  • focus on the needs of others instead of focusing on money and,
  • see money as tool for freedom instead of a tool to buy stuff…

… then you’ll find yourself with the three things you’ve probably been looking for all along…

  • An amazing income
  • Freedom to enjoy that income and,
  • Massive impact and contribution to the world

If those are the results you’ve been searching for, then you should check our out webinar.


Because those are exactly the results we get for our clients.

Can we get those results for you?

Honestly, I don’t know — yet. But what I do know is the process of finding out starts with watching this webinar.


If we believe we can help you, we’ll let you know. If not, we’ll let you know that too (and yes, we really do say “no” to 30% of the people we talk with).

Either way, you’re going to experience some major mindset shifts around what’s possible in your business.


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4th May 2018

Can you sell if you are an introvert? Can you actually make it as a high ticket coach or consultant AND be an introvert?

Maybe an equally important question might be: Can an introvert sell AND be happy while doing so?

After all, if the sales process scares the crap out of you then chances are pretty darn high you’re going to sabotage any sales calls… and probably even sabotage lead flow too!

And that’s not what I want for you. I want you to succeed at selling your solution— and LOVE the process!


Because sales is VITAL to a successful coaching business. Without sales… and therefore the ability to sell… the business dies. It’s done. That means…

No income… No freedom ( for you, your family, or the client)… and most tragically… No impact on the world.

Here’s how I see it…

Do Introverts sell exactly the SAME WAY extroverts sell?

Does that matter? Is sales the “extroverted way” the only way? The right way? The best way?

Is there a middle ground WAY to sell that must be followed to succeed (and not just get by)?

OR… is it something else entirely?

IN SHORT… we’re going to reveal an often OVERLOOKED TRUTH about selling most people miss. It’s a truth no one else in the world of sales and high ticket consulting is talking about because they don’t (or won’t) see it.

And yet, it’s SOOOO obvious once you do see it.

It’s this distinction that may SURPRISE you about WHAT IT REALLY TAKES to sell premium programs and services in today’s marketplace.

Are you an introvert? You’ll LOVE what we share in this episode.
Are you an extrovert? You may love this episode EVEN MORE.

If you’re an introvert or an extrovert, I GUARANTEE you will walk away from this LIVE show with some NEW PERSPECTIVES you can apply immediately.

Plus, when you really “get” this, it may RADICALLY alter your ability to enroll more clients more often.

So if you want the MOST UP TO DATE insights on selling from a team that sells over ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH, then…

Check out this video and find out the answer to this burning question – CAN INTROVERTS SELL?

After watching this episode, if you’re interested in learning more and you have an offer or idea that solves a major problem for your audience, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go towww.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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If you’re paying attention, you’ve noticed those who figure out success tend to become more successful.

On the other hand, those who fail tend to keep failing.

Have you noticed how a brand new coach or consultant can rise to the top of their niche almost overnight and earn 6-figures while another, equally as talented with years of experience, earns next to nothing?

Then on top of that, you discover the 6-figure coach is actually working LESS while earning MORE!

Maybe you’ve wondered, what makes this kind of difference? What’s REALLY going on? What’s the difference between those who create SERIAL SUCCESS and those who experience FREQUENT FAILURE?

I can tell you it is…


It isn’t that one person WANTS success and the other doesn’t. It’s got nothing to do with money… or time.

So what DOES make the difference between those who succeed and those who continue to struggle?

It’s not the right tagline or logo
It’s not the right website
It’s not the right credentials
It’s not even having the best marketing strategy (although that does help, it’s not what really makes the difference).

The DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE is exactly what Jayne Jewell and I talk about in today’s episode.

In short, we’re going to reveal the top distinctions we’ve gathered from more than 10,000 coaching calls.

Some of these distinctions will surprise you.
Some will be a powerful reminders of what, deep down, you already know but chose to forget.

Fact is, in this age of TACTICS that never last and matter least, you must get clear about… and be reminded of… the PRINCIPLES that matter most.

After watching this episode, if you’re interested in learning more and you have an offer or idea that solves a major problem for your audience, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go towww.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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If you’ve been following what’s happening on Facebook, then you know that there have been some MAJOR changes to the way that Facebook is serving up your posts…

Not to mention…

-Facebook’s privacy breach,
-users threatening to “break up” with Facebook,
-ads being declined,
-terms of service changes,
-and more…

And I have NEWS…there are even BIGGER changes ahead!”

It’s enough to make some wonder if profiting from “Marky Z and the Facebook Bunch” is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

In fact, the new changes are already WIPING OUT some people who can’t (or won’t) adapt…

So if you’re confused or concerned about how the social media giant’s recent (and NEXT) moves will affect your business, that’s to be expected.

Fortunately, because you’re reading this post, you can join those who are in the know and enjoying better results from Facebook than ever before (our ROI in March climbed to OVER $20 for every $1 spent on ads).

Listen, don’t be caught off guard as the changes CONTINUE to mount!
Join us LIVE as we answer questions like:

-Is there somewhere else you should be advertising instead?
-Are your ad costs going to skyrocket?
-Is what you’re doing today going to get your account shut down tomorrow?

These are the kinds of questions group members and clients are begging us to answer. So that’s what we’re going to do.

PLUS… we’ll pull back the curtain and let you know…

-What other questions you SHOULD be asking…
-How much attention you should devote to staying on top of Facebook “news”?

After watching this episode, if you’re interested in learning more, check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go to www.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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Just 8 short weeks ago, Kevin and Olivia joined Clients on Demand. Unlike most of our clients, these two were ALREADY making some decent money when they came to us…about $25k/month or so.

Now, on the surface, that sounds pretty impressive, right?

Not so fast. After covering business expenses, and splitting the profit between the two of them, there wasn’t much left over.

It’s like I always say: it ain’t what you make…it’s what you KEEP!

Enter COD. Kevin and Olivia dove into the training with a vengeance. See, Olivia was ALSO 7 months pregnant. They desperately wanted to bring in an extra $50K in revenue by May when the baby would be born, so her husband could leave his job and be home with the family.

Here’s the truth: they both had to overcome MAJOR obstacles. There were limiting beliefs about 1:1 vs group coaching. Questions whether charging MORE could actually get MORE and BETTER clients.

So what happened? Not only did they blow past their initial $50k goal…these two superstars brought in $87k in revenue in March ALONE.

If you want to know HOW they did it, you won’t want to miss this special episode. These two are masters at blasting through every limitation that came their way and I can’t wait to share with you the 3-4 simple tweaks to their mindset and their strategy that made all the difference.

I don’t want to give it all way here so if you want more clients, more freedom, or more impact in your business, then you’ve gotta check out this video!

After watching this episode, if you’re interested in learning more, check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go to www.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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Oooh… a podcast, that’d be cool.

No, I know… I’ll do a blog…

OR… better yet… a membership site… yeah…

But first I need to figure out this affiliate/jv thing…

But MAN… a podcast would be amazing…

Of course, I’ll need to get my book written… and promote it with an online summit…



Listen, if the above sounds like the conversation you have with yourself DAILY… maybe even HOURLY… then…

…you may have a serious condition called:


And it’ll break you. It’ll break you…

-Even Physically…

If left untreated, ENTREPRENEURIAL ADD will absolutely DESTROY you and everyone in your life. And that is NOT an exaggeration.

That’s why I’ve asked one of the very best coaches I know, THE Jayne Jewell, to join me to perform an INTERVENTION on your behalf.

Seriously, this is BIG PROBLEM I see all the time. And I am not going to stand by and watch you kill yourself or your shot at REAL entrepreneurial SUCCESS.

That’s why in this episode, we’re going to talk about…

-WHY this happens,
-HOW to inoculate yourself from this E-ADD VIRUS,
-WHO REALLY suffers the most… and,
-WHAT to do instead…

After watching this episode, if you’re interested in learning more, check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go to www.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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The first quarter of 2018 is ALMOST OVER.

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you know we believe in TOTAL transparency.

The fact is – it’s WAY too easy to rent a Ferrari, or a giant house, or a private jet for the afternoon, snap a few pictures, and convince everyone you’re a BIG SHOT.

But REAL NUMBERS do not lie.

This Thursday, I’m going to share ALL of Clients on Demand’s numbers for Q1 2018, including…

-Total Revenue
-Cash collected
-Ad spend

…the whole nine! (Pretty sure our competitors aren’t willing to reveal ANY of that stuff!)

But you know what?

I’m even MORE excited about our support numbers…

-Help tickets answered
-Webinars critiqued
-Coaching sessions completed

And of course, CLIENT RESULTS.

I’m not holding anything back. Join me to get an inside look at what it really takes to run a high-ticket coaching business…and to see just how rewarding and profitable it can be.

I LOVE doing this kind of show, and I KNOW you’re going to love it too because you get to see WHAT’S POSSIBLE…AND, WHAT’S REQUIRED to get the kind of RESULTS we’ve created—-both for ourselves and for our clients.

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Together, we’ll pull back the curtain and reveal what we’ve discovered after working with thousands of coaches in our Clients on Demand program.

That’s why, if you’ve ever…

–Been unsure your program is worth $3,000-$10,000…
–Can’t quite wrap your head around why anyone would pay “THAT kind of money”…
–Felt GUILTY for charging “so much” for something you love and you’d be happy to do for free…
–Been told (or believe) “my niche is BROKE and will never pay more than a couple hundred bucks”…
–Thought “high-ticket” meant even MORE WORK for you to “justify” the fee…
–Talked yourself out of charging more for your work because it just felt—WRONG…

… then you’ve got to join us for this discussion. My guess is you’ll be SHOCKED at how backwards the information around “high-ticket” really is.

What’s more, you might just discover how backwards YOUR OWN THINKING is when it comes to high-ticket coaching and consulting.

We see it all the time. People THINK they know what it means to sell a high-ticket program but MOST HAVE NO IDEA what’s REALLY required.

I can tell you this… it’s not what 99.9% of those other marketers are telling you it is. Because it’s got nothing to do with:

–a best-selling book…
–”giving value”…

… or any other BSOs (bright shiny objects) the hucksters of the week are huckstering.

That’s why I think you should SKIP THE DRAMA & HYPE and join Marc and me to find out the REAL answer to the question:


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Join me as I introduce you to one of Clients on Demand’s most recent and most unique success stories: Ashley Kinkead

Ashley tried at least 13 different “make money as an expert” business models before joining Clients on Demand. For instance…

-99 cent Amazon books
-Free courses
-“Value Ladders”
-Joint Ventures
-$297 course
-And more!

She was working too hard and too long for too little results. The results she did grind out? Hit and miss at best. She suffered from…

–NO consistency…
–NO certainty…
–”A long, boring program…” (her words)
–A bad habit of undercharging…

As you can imagine, this left Ashley feeling, “…a little scared because I would sometimes go an entire month without one new client” and “DEFEATED”

Fortunately, Ashley heard about Clients on Demand. She enrolled, got to work, and followed our system.


Ashley blew past her annual revenue target in just 90 days. And, believe me, she was not sandbagging her goal numbers (I’ll ask her to reveal her numbers LIVE).

Best of all, she now has clients getting incredible results with her new high-ticket program.

I think you’ll be inspired when you discover how Ashley implemented the Clients on Demand system. And you’ll be motivated by how she finally broke her “LONG history” of failure and frustration in business.

From Frustration To Super Stoked!

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To build a million dollar per month coaching business, most people would assume a HUGE advertising budget is necessary. They think they need several lead magnets, webinars, complicated email funnels with upsells and downsells, a couple 6-figure launches, speaking on a few stages and more.

Just typing that out was exhausting and has my head spinning.

The good news, is that we didn’t do any of this to reach a 7-figure per month biz.

In our last and final episode of this 4-part series, Adrienne and Jayne will share exaclty what we DID with our marketing…. there were several changes we made (and not just to our budget) … AND most importantly, what we DIDN’T do.

You can’t afford to miss this episode… (seriously, block it out on your calendar now because Adrienne always tells it like it IS)…

My guess is, some of what she says will SURPRISE you. What we learned certainly surprised me.

Very few people online or offline can share these TRUTHS with you from a place of real world experience. Sure, others may have their theories about what works… but we KNOW what works when it comes to LEAD-GEN and MARKETING for HIGH-TICKET CONSULTING.

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Are you struggling to get the SALES conversation figured out?

Too many sales calls and not enough people ENROLLING in your program?

Does it seem like you’re having really good calls… the prospect even tells you how amazing the call was… BUT… they need to think about… and then they VANISH?

Or maybe, you’ve got things going “ok” but you just can’t seem to BREAK THROUGH to that next level of sales?

No matter what FRUSTRATION you’ve got with sales right now, I can assure you we’ve been through them all.

Fortunately, we’ve also FIGURED OUT WHAT DOES WORK. In fact, we figured it out to the tune of one million dollars per month.

But it wasn’t always that way.

There was a PIVOTAL MOMENT in the life of Clients on Demand where everything in our sales process SHIFTED… everything got EASIER… everything got more PRODUCTIVE.

Same ads… same leads… same number of phone calls… MORE sales started happening.

AND… BETTER clients.

AND… better RESULTS for those new clients.

How is all this POSSIBLE with ONE shift?
What was that ONE MOMENT in time?
What was THE shift?

That’s exactly the story Marc and I are going to share with you on this episode. So…settle in, and WATCH.

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Have you ever set a big, hairy, audiacious goal and didn’t achieve it? Then you beat yourself up, wondering what you did wrong? You’re left feeling defeated and start to question your pricing, your marketing and sometimes even your own skill.

On our next FB Live, Jayne and I will share the key principles our team focused on that allowed us to reach our BIG goal of $1 Million per month.

We’ll also cover IMPORTANT questions like:

Does it REALLY matter whether or not you BELIEVE something is possible? Think twice before you make a decision on this one… or just join us LIVE for the ANSWER.

Do you actually need TENACITY and GRIT to make it to one million dollars per month or is that bill of goods from the 24/7 hustle factory? Books have literally been written on GRIT. But WHAT WORKED for us?

Do you know what question to ask for SHORT TERM success? And, what DIFFERENT question to ask for LONG TERM success? This simple shift can relieve a lot of stress.

Look, the stuff we’ll be talking about in this episode matters because you’ll never get the right RESULTS asking the WRONG questions.

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In August 2017, we had our first Million Dollar Month. Even better, we’ve reached that milestone AGAIN in November and December 2017 and AGAIN in January 2018. In fact, it’s now the new normal around here.

So, you might be wondering:

Was our success because of…

… Adrienne’s Facebook ad strategy?
… the images we use on our ads?
… the application BEFORE the enrollment call?
… the the layout of the webinar?
… the follow-up sequence AFTER the webinar?
… Marc’s secret enrollment call formula?
… the funnel layout?
… the time between webinar and enrollment call?
… 24/7 Hustle and Grind?
… the structure of the course itself?
… launching a new product?
… something else?

I can tell you this…

It’s not what I THOUGHT it would be.

And it wasn’t until we hit that elusive million dollar per month mark that we REALLY knew… and had hard numbers to PROVE… what actually works.

Look, a lot of companies online can tell you what they THINK it takes to hit one million dollars per month, but few, if any, can tell you what it actually takes because they’ve never done it–especially month after month.

By the way, if I’d realized this sooner, I’m CERTAIN we could’ve hit one million per month even FASTER.


Don’t get me wrong, it still takes work.

Lots of work. You still have to walk the path too.

After all, less than .5% of all businesses EVER hit $1 Million per month.

Which means, it probably won’t be the kind of work you’re expecting or even what everyone else is telling you it takes.

So if you’re addicted to the 24/7 hustle and grind…


If you’re worn and out and exhausted by all the crap that doesn’t work…


… if you’re just ready to ramp things up and START MULTIPLYING YOUR IMPACT & your INCOME…

… then you’re going to want to SHOW UP and LISTEN to this.

I won’t be surprised if we have some folks call us crazy after this one. And that’s ok because we KNOW WHAT WORKS.

Will it work for you too? I think it could, but you’ll want to decide for yourself…

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When it comes to getting your message out to your audience, does it feel like:

you say all the right things…

you hit on your audience’s biggest pain points and desires…

people tell you they “enjoyed” your webinar (or enjoyed speaking with you)…

…but your audience is STILL not getting off the fence and booking calls or signing up for your premium service?

I see this happen ALL the time.

In fact, I’ve seen clients have nearly all the RIGHT words, in the RIGHT order, and have the most amazing offer in the world…

But without EMPATHY, your message will fall flat every time.

Jayne and I break down why empathy is the #1 most critical “invisible” skill that’s needed for growing your business and how it – or lack of it – affects EVERY area within your company.

If you’re serious about wanting to build a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go to www.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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Way too many coaches lose sleep over talking to the WRONG prospects.

You have applications coming in. You’re excited…

But then you read through them and your heart sinks:

This one is broke…
This one has no financial resources…
This one just wants some free info…
And so you start canceling calls.

And then you’re right back to where you were when you started. Sitting by the computer, waiting for something to happen.

At Clients on Demand, we enroll 40% of the prospects we speak to. Sometimes more. And we do it at premium prices. And 95% of the time, the person we’re speaking to JUST found out about us.

How do we do this?

Well, Marc is a military man. He doesn’t suffer from weakness or laziness. And he understands that it’s NOT our job to CLOSE…it’s our job to SERVE.

So, Marc has developed a very simple motto:

“Serve ’Em All And Let God Sort ’Em Out”

Believe it or not, this is the SECRET to our massively high enrollment rates.

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Check it out:

•The #1 thing you absolutely must STOP doing in order to truly SERVE your client.

•The secret to getting your ideal client to raise their hand and say, “I HAVE TO work with you, NOW.” (HINT: It’s got nothing to do with your pricing or your program.)

•Why the so-called “experts” are costing you money, keeping you from your family, and limiting your impact.

Listen, if you’re tired of working hard on all the “RIGHT THINGS” but you’re still getting the WRONG RESULTS…

… then you absolutely MUST ATTEND this FB LIVE event.

However, be warned…

Because when you hear these truths, and how the lies you’ve been sold are holding you back, you might just get a little upset with yourself.

Especially since the truths we share will be so obvious once you hear them.

But dont worry, it’s not your fault. And, as you’ll see, there is a better way.

Fact is, just one idea from this video could mean the difference between your moving forward or staying stuck in 2018.

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Last Week, Zuckerberg announced changes Facebook is rolling out – effective immediately. It’s clear from his post that businesses will be greatly affected – and NOT in a good way.

So what does this mean for you?

Will you still be able to generate leads from Facebook?

Will it cost more?

Will anyone see your posts anymore?

Check out this video to find out exactly what you should do (if anything) to counteract these changes and create a plan going forward so you can still get the most out of this amazing marketing tool.

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Do you ever feel like you’re on the very edge of something HUGE in your business…like you’re just one “light-bulb” moment away from everything clicking and falling into place?

Throughout our Millionaire Alliance event in Kauai, our 7-Figure earners shared with our COD team so many amazing lessons learned and powerful distinctions that were THEIR game-changing moments in the growth of their business.

These KEY pivotal moments ultimately changed the course of how they were operating their business (and their mindset).

So what exactly IS Millionaire Alliance? And how is it that our members are rapidly scaling their businesses to:




And more importantly, how did their “lessons learned” cause them to show up DIFFERENTLY in their business, and create such a profound and lasting impact on the people they serve?

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How we earn back $10-15 for every $1 we spend on Facebook

23rd January 2018

When it comes to your Facebook advertising dollars, does it seem like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, and waiting to see if anything sticks?

Do you feel like you should be getting MORE of a return for the amount that you’re spending, day in and day out?

For the past few weeks, our FB LIVE theme has been centered around “How we built a 7-figure business with just 2 offers”…

Today, I want to talk about the #1 REASON WHY Clients On Demand was able to scale to 7-Figures so quickly: Our 10-15x FB ROI funnel.
It boils down to understanding the KEYS to generating a solid FB ROI…

Adrienne and I will be talking openly and honestly about what HAS increased our FB ROI (as well as what hasn’t).

And we’ll show you the MATHEMATICAL difference between a typical FB ROI with a low-ticket funnel vs. a high-ticket (like our webinar funnel).

Have you ever observed Entrepreneurs who are experiencing the SAME kind of major successes that you want for your business?

On one hand, it’s incredibly motivating and inspiring to watch people who have worked REALLY hard to hit their goal…

But for many (if you get really honest with yourself), it can also leave you with an ounce of frustration if you aren’t celebrating the same success just yet…

And it can leave many of you wondering:
“What is it that they are doing that I’m NOT?”
“What am I missing?”
“Why have they been able to scale so quickly (and so dramatically)?”
“Will the moment ever come when everything just CLICKS in my business?”
“Am I just not cut out for this?”

Marc and I will discuss what some of the biggest common denominators are between those who have scaled to 7-figures or more in their business, and those who have not.

You’ll see that, for the most part, million-dollar earners have made a few basic tweaks to how they are operating their business…and these ironically basic tweaks have made all the difference.

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Every daily habit you implement has the ability to either HELP your business, or HURT it…

Most habits become so deeply ingrained in your life that you hardly have to think about them:
Take a shower…
Brush your teeth…
Get the kids off to school…

BUT – Instead of just “going through the motions” day after day, what if you could plant PURPOSEFUL habits throughout the day that would help you grow your business?

What if these business-scaling routines became so second nature to you, that it would seem weird NOT to incorporate them into your day?

“But Russ, how effective can a few new little habits really be?”

I’ll tell you this:

Not a single day goes by that I don’t personally do what we’re about to share with you…

On this video, Jayne and I will reveal the TOP daily “habits” we’ve used to dramatically scale our business, create the freedom we want and watch our clients’ lives transform in the process.

If you have an offer or idea that solves a major problem for your audience, and you’re serious about wanting to build a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go towww.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today

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When you pick up the phone, and start dialing the number for a sales call, dozens of thoughts can instantly enter and swim around in your head…

“I hope they’ll pick up…”

“Oh God, I’m nervous – – what if I mess up the script?”

“What if I can’t get past an objection, and I get another NO?”

“I really need this one to say yes…”

BUT – What if just ONE simple shift happened before and during that call?What if a simple tweak took away all those thoughts? (or at least as many as possible).

On this video, Marc and I will break down the #1 element our 7-Figure clients are doing differently with their enrollment calls that is creating such an enormous impact…

At Clients On Demand, we help coaches, consultants and service providers to simplify their business, while scaling to 6 and 7 figures faster than they ever thought possible.

If you have an offer or idea that solves a major problem for your audience, and you’re serious about wanting to build a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go towww.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today

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Does anyone else find it disturbing and downright DANGEROUS that anybody can slap together a training course on selling and share it with the world?

Imagine the irreparable damage just one awful selling course could have on a business…

Think about it, you can get instant sales “training” almost anywhere nowadays:

It’s on YouTube.

It’s on Udemy (shudder).

It’s in free pdf reports and ebooks.

It’s at your fingertips on a moment’s notice, right?

But here’s what infuriates me…

How is it, that with all of the endless trainings and information on sales we have access to in today’s society, the industry standard is still only 6-8% close rate for a high-end offer?

(To put that into context, our sales team consistently closes 40% of the enrollment offers they make. That’s 6-7X the average!)

That statistic alone verifies and echoes something we at Clients On Demand have been deeply concerned about for many years:

There is so much terrible disinformation out there about how to successfully sell your high-end service to your clients.

People are learning selling techniques (more like “tricks”) that are ineffective, dishonorable and completely out of integrity with what’s best for the client.

It frustrates me to see people who have a GOOD offer follow some outdated or disastrous selling practice – only to have it KILL their sales and leave them scratching their heads… and asking themselves “where did I go wrong”?

The worst part is, a bad selling technique affects WAY more than just your business…

6-8% means that out of 100 families, 94-96 of them who really needed a solution will walk away WITHOUT getting the help they need.

In doing so, they’ll continue to sit on the problem(s) that makes their life miserable.

These clients are counting on you to show up and serve them on your enrollment calls…so I wanted to shed some light on the right way to do that… and the wrong way.

At it’s core, you want to look for a selling system that accomplishes 5 core goals:

#1 – Enroll the maximum amount of RIGHT people (and the minimum number of the wrong people).

Most phone sales strategies don’t allow for this.

Instead, if they answer with a YES, you take their money. Done deal.

It doesn’t matter if you like them…

It doesn’t matter if they are a fit for your service…

It doesn’t matter if you can really help them…

It’s all about getting the money and making the close.

To me, that’s downright barbaric (and incredibly ineffective).

You’ll either:

1 – Have a slew of clients working with you that aren’t a good fit (and probably aren’t going to get lasting results), or

2 – Have clients that feel pressured into a sale, which will leave you with a high return rate and angry ex-clients.

At the end of it all, with the “close them at any cost” approach, you’ll end up without the money, without a client and without a very decent reputation.

At Clients On Demand, 25% of our strategy calls don’t end up with us making an offer.

That’s a huge percent – 1 in 4 calls!

We make it a critical point to first determine whether or not we can help the person we’re speaking with (and identify if they are a good fit for our program).

We don’t just want the maximum amount of clients in our program.

We want to find the RIGHT clients.

#2 – Have the least amount of cancellations

This goal is worth mentioning quickly, as it piggybacks on the comment above.

In short, if you’re getting the RIGHT clients enrolled into your program, then you should have almost no cancellations.

#3 – Enroll them at a premium price

Pricing is a critical aspect of selling…

You need to ensure that you aren’t underselling for your services.

I’ve seen way too many people frustrated and getting nowhere with their $27 ebook that they are desperate to push.

At $27, nobody is going to be committed.

Nobody will have the determination, because there’s no skin in the game…

…which means, you’ll be hard pressed to help get people REAL, lasting results.

When you enroll clients into a high-end service ($3K-$10K), they are invested in YOU, and in the result they want to achieve.

These are the kind of clients who are going to show up every day committed, resourceful and highly coachable.

#4 – Enroll on the FIRST call

One call. That’s it.

When you focus on closing a client on the first call, you don’t have to deal with following up with them 5x, 6x, 7x or more.

You don’t have to waste time having the same conversation over and over again with a potential client, waiting for them to get off the fence or change their mind.

Who honestly has the time and energy for that?

I would rather put my time into scaling my business and helping my existing clients (who had the courage to take a leap of faith, and say YES) to get results. Those are the clients that are willing to take swift, decisive action.

#5 – It MUST be a positive experience for EVERYONE

It needs to be a pleasant experience for you, so you’re not dreading being on the phone with a potential client.

And more importantly, it needs to be a positive, winning situation for the client on the call.

The last thing you want is to have them hang up the phone and then bash you all over social media because they had a terrible experience, or felt pressured during the call.

It comes down to this:

Do you want to ENJOY picking up the phone and talking to your potential clients…(and have them get immense value out of the call, regardless of whether they enroll in your program or not?)

Do you want to detract people who are demanding deep discounts and ridiculous payment plans?

Do you want to have a SINGLE conversation and know whether or not someone is a fit for your program?

And most importantly, deep down, do you want to be able to create major impact with your business…and witness lives being changed because of your program?

NONE of these amazing outcomes will happen if you continue to use a sales strategy that isn’t authentic and congruent with your mission.

The reason the industry standard for high-ticket sales is only 6-8% is because nearly ALL of the sales strategies I’ve seen (and I’ve checked out a lot of them) are centered around selling, rather than SERVING.

At Clients On Demand, our team consistently enrolls 40% of offers made because we take a service-first approach to the strategy that I discussed above.

If you’re struggling to enroll clients into your program consistently every month (…even after price-cuts, sales, and low-end offer attempts)…

If the clients you do have aren’t the right fit and they aren’t showing up committed and ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work…

If you want to create a DEEPER impact for the ones who are serious about fixing their problem and transforming their life…

…then it all starts with creating the right offer, at the right price and adopting the right enrollment process.

At Clients On Demand, we help coaches, consultants and service providers to simplify their business, while scaling to 6 and 7 figures faster than they ever thought possible.

If you have an offer or idea that solves a major problem for your audience, and you’re serious about wanting to build a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go towww.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today

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With 2017 quickly coming to a close, my mind has been on the year ahead…

I want to lay the groundwork to help you get to 6 or 7 figures monthly in 2018.
…and you can do that even if you’re just starting out…
Even if no one knows who you are…
Or even if you feel completely invisible and have ZERO following…

If you’re not yet at the 6 or 7 figure mark, and you’ve been trying to get there for a while, then it’s time to take a hard look at what you’ve been doing, and the way you’ve been thinking about your business.

So, let’s take a quick peek back at 2017:
Have you gotten where you want to go?
Have you achieved the things you wanted to achieve?
Did you hit your goals consistently, month in and month out?

Maybe you did…and if so, that’s great!
But if not, rather than beating yourself up, let’s take a deeper look at what needs to change in your business, so you can generate 6 or 7 figures each month in 2018.

The question you should be asking yourself is:

“What can I do TODAY to put myself on the trajectory for 6 or 7 figures monthly in 2018?”

I want to share with you exactly what we have our clients do to get them reaching those milestones:

#1 – Believe It’s Possible

While this may seem a bit obvious on the surface, I definitely feel it’s worth mentioning and here’s why…

The online space (especially the coaching industry) is littered with misinformation.
It amazes me that, in this day and age, there are coaches out there who would tell their clients that, in order to grow their business, it could take 2 or 3 years.

That’s madness!

Who honestly has that kind of time to sit around and wait to see if their business idea is going to work and prove valid?

Sure, if you’re following a poor business model, and the wrong strategy, it can drag out that long…

But it frustrates me that the naysayers are so rampant, and are quick to say you can’t build a 6 or 7 figure business in one year.

That’s garbage.

I’m not saying that to blow smoke, I’m saying that because we did it, and we’ve helped many of our clients to do the same.

You don’t need 10 or 20 years of branding.
You don’t need the flashiest website.
You don’t need to be a best-selling author.

All you need is to solve a big problem and be better at it than others in your field.

But it comes down to this…
If you don’t even believe that 6-figures each month (or even 7-figures) is achievable in one year’s time, then you’re never going to give it an honest and fair shot.

#2 – Know Your Outcome

Once you believe 6 or 7 figures is possible for 2018, the next step is to know your outcome.

What is the OUTCOME you provide your clients?

What your clients pay you for – at the end of the day – is to achieve a certain outcome.

If you’re in fitness, people pay money to get in incredible shape.
If you’re a relationship expert, people pay to either find love, or fix the love they have.
If you’re in business coaching, people will pay you to grow their business in some way (grow their leads, increase their conversion, strategize new revenue ideas, etc..)

The biggest problem I see when people create their outcome is that they are too VAGUE.
Vague outcomes lead to vague results.
And clients won’t go boasting to their friends or give testimonials for vague, lack-luster results.
The key is that your outcome must be very specific and measurable.
(At the end of your service or course, they should be able to say either “I DID achieve XXX outcome”, or “I did NOT achieve it.” It should be crystal clear.)

Whatever niche you’re in, you have to KNOW YOUR SPECIFIC OUTCOME…
…and you have to know what it’s worth to your client.

What would it be worth to the client who is diabetic and praying for a miracle of healing…and you can come in and help them turn their health around?

What would a solution be worth to someone who struggles with depression or anxiety? Irritable bowel syndrome? An unfulfilling job? It’s priceless.

Once you know the exact outcome you provide for your clients, it’s a very short step to turning that into a service or course you can sell for $3K, $5K or $10K per client.

#3 – The Right Strategy

Once you know what your specific outcome is, you need the right strategy to get it out to your ideal clients.

The coaching business can feel a bit like a minefield at times, with certain obstacles you have to work through, right?

That’s just part of being a business owner…

On the other side of that minefield is the business that you want…
The freedom you want…
The contribution you want…
The impact you want for your clients…

It’s all there. The challenge is that you need to step strategically through this minefield.

If you misstep, you could step on a mine and it could blow up your business.

This is why it’s so important to have the right strategy.

There are coaches out there (well known ones) who are teaching out-dated strategies…

They are teaching strategies that lack integrity, and don’t have your results as their #1 priority.

They are teaching low-ticket strategies that will ultimately end up making you work WAY harder, and make it so that you can’t possibly serve your clients at a premium level.

So why does the coaching industry feel like such a minefield?

Because, most of the time, you don’t know these strategies are BAD until you go out there and waste a ton of time and thousands of dollars trying to implement them.

If you have a bad strategy, putting more time, or more money, or more energy into it isn’t going to make you anything more than mediocre.

…and premium clients don’t want to pay for “mediocre” results.

So, how do you tell the difference between a GOOD strategy and a bad one?

The answer lies in finding a great coach who has been there, done that, and can help lead you through the minefield.

When looking for a trustworthy coach, here’s some things to keep in mind:

1- Is this person already getting the outcome you want?
2- Are their clients succeeding as well? (This shows they are able to repeat the result).
3- Are they teaching a step-by-step strategy to get you to the outcome you want? (or is it 90% fluff?)
4 – Are they actively USING their own process? Is what they are teaching the exact same system they use for themselves?
5 – Is their business expanding?
6 – Does your gut tell you this is the simplest strategy?

If not, they have no business being your coach.

Our strategy at Clients On Demand is simple –

We teach business owners how to lead with a premium offer, and then show them how to reach their audience on Facebook, take them through a webinar that attracts the ideal client and gets them on a phone call with you.

That’s it.
This is the strategy we use inside of our own business…and, it’s the strategy all of our clients use to build and grow their businesses as well.

If you want to kick 2018 off the RIGHT way and you want to follow a proven strategy that works, then check out this webinar.

If you have an offer or idea that solves a major problem for your audience, and you’re serious about wanting to build a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go towww.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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The idea of picking up the phone and getting onto a sales call can be absolutely terrifying for many business owners.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in… if you’re looking to build and grow a business that sells premium-priced services and programs, it all rides on your ability to have a conversation with a potential client, and have them say YES to your offer.

This is something that can mentally paralyze entrepreneurs.

I get it…

I had ALL of the selling anxieties when I first started enrolling clients over the phone:

Being scared to pick up the phone and dial your potential client…

Not wanting them to answer…

Being terrified that people are going to say NO…

Worrying that people will hang up on you…

Being scared that if you DO make a sale, that they’ll turn around and cancel…

You name it.

These are ALL things that most people who sell over the phone have had to struggle with and work through.

So how do you overcome these points of anxiety and reluctance, and turn yourself into a sales-machine, where you’re enrolling the RIGHT clients consistently?

It boils down to a few KEY beliefs that shift when you realize you’re not just “selling”:

#1 – Fear: “I’m Not Enough”

There are so many fears about selling…

At it’s core, we’re talking about one of the foundational fears of humanity – which is “I’m Not Enough.”

It can be tough to look at yourself as a coach or someone who really wants to make a difference…

…especially when you come up against a potential client who is challenging you on the phone with a slew of objections.

When that happens, the real fear in the back of your head can easily become:

“What if they are right?”

“What if I’m not really that good of a coach?”

“What if I’m not worth $3K? $10k? $15k?”

After call number 1 or 2, it’s not that big of a deal…

But after 15, 20, 30 calls, when you don’t have any enrollments…it can really start to get to you.

Not only is it discouraging to get rejected on the phone, but then it starts to attack and eat away at the identity of who you really are.

What is that mental self-abuse costing you in your business?

How many thousands of dollars are you leaving on the table each month because you don’t believe in the value of your abilities, or that you’re enough for that client.

Here’s the thing…

I’m not saying you’re never going to hear the word “NO”…

But once you experience the shift I’m about to mention, when you DO hear a “no”, it won’t be such a negative experience.

Instead, you can turn it into an empowering situation.

How is that possible?

Your #1 job on the phone is NOT to sell someone into your program…

It’s to SERVE the person on the call.

#2 Selling vs. SERVING…

There’s a giant myth out there in our society that needs squashing.

Some people believe it’s unethical or morally wrong to charge someone a premium rate to solve a solution.

This is a huge area where you can lose your power rapidly.

Think of it this way…

Even your PRICING is a form of service.

Here’s why:

When you price appropriately, and you do it RIGHT, you will serve your client at a higher level.

Think about it…

You have to be able to take care of your clients, yourself, and your family, right?

If you attach all these negative meanings to the idea of selling, you’ll mentally paralyze yourself.

What if it were worth over $2,500 for you to pick up the phone?

If you have a $5k program, and you sell 5 out of 10 people you get on the phone with, you just made $25k, right?

Break that down mathematically, and it’s worth $2,500 just for you to pick up the phone!

What would that DO for you if every time you picked up the phone it were worth $2,500?

How many times per day would you want to pick up the phone knowing that?

How fast would you be able to scale your business and impact the world?

This is exactly how we train our clients, (and our own sales team) to think.

When it comes to selling, there are 3 questions you should be asking yourself:

1 – “How many people am I talking to each month?”

2 – “How many of those people am I enrolling?”

3 – “What price am I enrolling them at?”

When you nail those 3 things, you’re not just mastering your income…you’re mastering the ability to serve your clients at the highest level, and create a deep, lasting change in their lives.
And better yet – when you focus on scaling and increasing each of those three areas, not only will your income increase, but the impact you have on the world will increase as well.

#3 – Call Reluctance

Let’s look at WHY there is such reluctance around sales calls.
This goes back years and years…

Think about how sales used to be in the past:

You had some door-to-door salesman or insurance person knocking on your door MAYBE once a month.

TODAY, there’s a million grabs for your attention each day, right?

Over the years, selling and marketing became a much more crowded space – but the problem is that the strategies didn’t evolve along with it.

It caused salespeople to fight for that attention, making them more and more pushy and desperate.

And sadly, over the years, the idea of listening and building a relationship just stopped.

This is what created the toxic selling environment we know today.

It felt very high pressure, annoying, and nobody wanted anything to do with that.

Not only does it NOT feel good, it’s incredibly ineffective.

This is why the whole “pure force” style sales training took over.

They mentally attacked the prospect.

Forced them to buy.

Bullied them.

Let’s face it, that style of sales was NEVER about serving the person.

This approach is so outdated. It’s barbaric.

And it’s not nearly as effective as taking the complete opposite approach…

…which is to SERVE your clients.

When you actually come from a place of SERVING your potential client, the call reluctance we as a society have become so conditioned to, will quickly dissolve.

It changes the entire environment and energy around picking up the phone and entering into a sales call.

If selling over the phone is an area you have fear around, or tend to struggle with…

If you’re leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table each month because you either don’t want to pick up the phone, or you don’t know how to get someone to say YES…

If you’re serious about growing your coaching business, and serving your clients in a deep, impactful way…

…then the team at Clients On Demand can help.

Every day, we help our clients build a rock-solid strategy that will help them generate more sales, and lead them to higher levels of consistent monthly income.

If you have an offer or idea that solves a major probem for your audience, and you’re serious about wanting to build a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go to www.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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Celebrations from Kauai

20th November 2017

The Clients On Demand team and I just recently returned from hosting our Millionaire Alliance event at the St. Regis on Kauai…

…and I’d be lying if I said that we all didn’t come back changed from that experience.

Here’s what happened:

Our team had planned to open the event with a bit of time for our Millionaire Alliance members to share their celebrations…

But I don’t think any of us were prepared for the 45 minutes of emotional success stories that flooded the room.

Sure, our clients were celebrating their $100K/mth victories.
Sure, they were excited about how much their business had grown over the last months.

But there was something even BIGGER in that room…
Something much, much larger worth truly celebrating…

They weren’t just grateful and excited that they hit their financial goal.
They were celebrating what the money had allowed them to DO, and the IMPACT that their business was creating for their clients and their loved ones.

We had clients coming up to us, with tears rolling down their face, saying:
“Yes, you helped me get to $100K/mth….but what you didn’t know was, because of this business:
My marriage was saved and I can now be the mom I NEED to be to my kids.”

All I can say is that I felt so grateful and blessed in that moment.
Hearing these emotional stories just re-solidifies WHY I get out of bed each morning…why I walk into the office each day and continue to build my business.

If you have an offer or idea that solves a major probem for your audience, and you’re serious about wanting to build a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go to www.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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Private Jet Surprise!

14th November 2017

Last week was my Dad’s birthday, and I was able to pull off the coolest surprise EVER for him…

Better yet, I captured the whole surprise on camera (including my dad’s reaction).

The private jet was incredible… (I think I may have accidentally opened Pandora’s Box with that one…)

But more importantly, the ability to give my Dad the experience we had both dreamed about for DECADES meant the world to me.

It’s moments like THIS that I’ll vividly remember 20, 30, even 40 years down the road.

I’m sharing this moment in my personal life because I want to ask you ONE thing:


What have you always wanted to do for someone you really care about?

An all-expenses-paid romantic trip for someone you love?
Buying someone their dream car?
A “surprise” family vacation?

At Clients On Demand, our clients are creating memorable experiences like these for their loved ones all the time…just like I was able to create for my dad.

Want to build a high-ticket business, and generate consistent monthly income (so you can create AMAZING, memorable experiences with your family)?

If you have an offer or idea that solves a major probem for your audience, and you’re serious about wanting to build a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go to www.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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There’s a HUGE movement right now where a lot of online marketers are putting together a ton of different funnels…

…really complex funnels.

In fact, it’s almost like people are competing to make the craziest, most complicated funnel, where they have 27 different offers with upsells, downsells, and cross-sells…

Sure, when you first hear about it, it sounds pretty cool in theory.

But if you look under the microscope, you’ll see the damage that TOO MANY offers can do to your business (and to your clients).

That’s why we’ve completely stripped away the idea of unnecessary low-end products.

At Clients On Demand, we’ve created a 7-Figure/Month empire focusing on enrolling clients with just 2 offers…

Here’s WHY –


Think about it…

Each offer in your funnel is an entirely separate product that you’d need to develop.
Think of the hours involved just in creating the product alone!
All the research, the product layout, the design…
All the sales copy that needs to be written for EACH product…
All the split-testing and re-working that needs to be done in order to make your product convert better…

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have the time to care about increasing the conversion on your $7 product by 1%.

Call me crazy, but I’d rather spend that time enrolling more clients into a high-ticket program that will actually help change their lives.


The more complicated your funnel is, the more hoops your clients have to jump through.

There’s the FREE PDF Report hoop…
The $7 tripwire hoop…
The upsell to a $47 product hoop…
The 2nd upsell hoop with a $197 product…
And, of course, the $37/month continuity program hoop.

The more steps you have in the process, the more you will LOSE potential clients along the way…in many cases, it’s your BEST clients that run away.


Let’s face it, a $7 product isn’t going to fix a major business problem.
It won’t save a marriage that’s headed for divorce.
And it likely won’t take someone who is overweight, sick, and headed for major medical issues to the peak of health.

People don’t want just a piece of the problem fixed… (what good is that?)
They want the WHOLE problem solved.


We skip all of the fluff, and go straight to the core of the MAIN problem they are experiencing.

Think of it this way…

If someone came up to you with a bleeding neck, and was begging you for help, you’re NOT going to stand there handing them one tiny band-aid at a time…right?

Yet, so many do exactly this when it comes to how they market their business!

Your clients are out there with BIG “bleeding-neck” problems in their business or life…they need BIG answers, and real results.

At Clients On Demand, we’re not about to offer some cheap $7 band-aid product that’s meant to fix a paper-cut issue.

We’re not going to cover up the problem.
We’re not going to fix a portion of the problem.
We’re in the business of tackling that problem head on, and making sure that they have every tool, resource, and support they need to get a REAL result.


We’ve tried funnels from almost every angle imaginable…

Here’s what we’ve found:

Most entrepreneurs assume that if clients go through and buy the low-end products, they’ll come back and invest in the higher-end ones at some point….right?

WRONG! Here’s why:

Let’s imagine someone is going through your funnel, and they are super hungry to solve their problem.
They take the FREE report.
They take the $7 tripwire.
They even take the $97 and $297 upsell.

Because they purchased all of these “pieces”, they are much more likely to say,
“Before I invest in your $5K program, let me go through all of this other stuff I just purchased FIRST.”

Here’s the problem with that… on a low-end product,
They didn’t make a major commitment.
They didn’t get all of the problem solved.
And while they may have got a bit of information, they certainly didn’t get any real TRANSFORMATION…

So no…they WON’T come back to invest in your $5K-$10K program, because they’ll likely have no noticeable, measurable results from the low-end, one-off pieces they bought.

Let me be clear…

The FASTEST way I’ve ever seen to build a 7-Figure Business that is TRANSFORMATIONAL is to:
Create ONE offer that solves their ENTIRE problem.
Put it at a premium price.
Stick it in front of them.


OFFER #1 – Create a front-end program (usually either a done-for-you service, or an 8-week program).

Design it so that it solves ONE major problem completely.

Price it between $3K-$10K.

OFFER #2 – Once you create and deliver your front-end program…

Offer your clients something that will take them to the next level.
They’ve already fixed their main problem through your first offer, right?
But, chances are, they’ll have a new problem that needs to be addressed and solved.
This program is sold at a minimum of $25K.

That’s it.
That’s literally the ONLY offers necessary for building a 7-Figure Business.
How’s that for simplifying a funnel?

I can’t stop you from feverishly creating overly complex funnels, with upsells, downsells, and cross-sells….

But I can tell you this:

I’ve tried the marketing both ways (many, many times)…

And EVERY SINGLE TIME, I’ll choose the easier (and way more profitable) approach that actually creates change for my clients.

If you’re caught in a never-ending web of complex funnels…
If you’ve tried the $7 and $27 products here and there, with no consistent clients to show for it…
If you’re not getting the leads, and committed, loyal clients that you want, month in and month out…

Then it’s time to change your marketing approach.

If you have an offer or idea that solves a major probem for your audience, and you’re serious about wanting to build a high-ticket business, I want to invite you to check out our FREE online training: www.clientsondemand.com/discover

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

Go to www.clientsondemand.com/discover to register for this free online presentation today.

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Want to increase the price of your services without taking a hit on your sales?

Want to get your current clients to practically ask you to charge them more?

It’s not as hard as you think.

In fact, customers love higher prices.

Before we talk about raising your price in order to make your clients happier, let’s take a look at how damaging a low-price mindset can be.

Paying Rock-Bottom Prices – Is It Ever OK?

Sales and discounts on miniscule, unimportant things are fine.

The local grocery store is advertising broccoli for $1.99 this week?  Great, I’ll buy two!

But what about the services that really matter? (you know, the ones where it is absolutely VITAL to get the job done right?)

What if you need to have laser-eye surgery?

What if you need to hire help for an aging or injured loved-one?

What if you need to board your pet while you’re away?

Are these the type of services you’re willing to buy from a discount company?

Me either.

No.  I don’t love lower prices.

I don’t love having a lower quality service.

I don’t love having to work more or sacrifice convenience.

I don’t love that lower prices gives me less personal attention, and longer waiting times.

I don’t love the underpaid, disgruntled staff who don’t want to help you.

I don’t love the stress/hassle that comes with a lower-cost.

I don’t love the overall unsatisfying experience.

The Power of Premium Rates

Customers will actually love you for increasing your rates.

When you start charging more, the caliber of service to your clients increases exponentially.  You can:

  • Increase your monthly revenue, while taking on less clients.
  • Give more time and personalized attention to your smaller client load
  • Provide convenient done-for-you options, so your clients don’t have to do any of the work, or deal with any of the stress (this holds a very HIGH value!)
  • Hire additional team members to help provide quicker service turnaround and exceptional ongoing customer care.

An elite client who pays top-dollar for your premium rates place their values differently than lower-paying clients.  Cost isn’t their primary determining factor.  They value their time, convenience, personalized attention, quality, opportunity, and knowledge over money.

There will ALWAYS be potential clients who love paying higher prices.

Want To Increase Your Prices, and Gain 20 New Clients In Just 60 Days?

Let me show you how you can charge more than you ever have before (and have clients happily paying your fee).

Check out our free presentation, where I show you exactly how to get the right client, at a premium price, and they’ll love you for it.

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There’s a huge market of potential clients that desperately need your service, right?

But for whatever reason, they aren’t coming to you in droves like you expected.

What gives?

I’ve been in this scenario before, and it can wreak some pretty serious emotional (and financial) turmoil.  There’s a lot of moving pieces to this marketing puzzle, and you don’t know exactly where you’re going wrong.

You start flooding your mind with questions, such as:

“Did I get my ideal market right?”

“Am I sure that there’s a need for my service?”

“Did I get my offer right?”

“What are my competitors doing that I’m not?”

Relax.  You may be a few simple tweaks away from a steady stream of high-paying clients.

Rather than focusing on detailed questions, let’s first make sure that you are nailing some of the marketing fundamentals.


3 Ways You Can Attract More Of The Clients That You Desire

(1) STOP Implementing “Cross Your Fingers” Marketing

When it comes to my potential clients, I don’t hope they come to me.  I KNOW they will….Because I make them.

Gone are the days of putting up a website and hoping to get on the 1st page of Google so people can magically stumble upon you.  In today’s market, you have to take a bolder, more proactive approach.

You have to deliberately direct them to you.  That involves:

  • driving qualified traffic through a well-strategized sales funnel.
  • building your authority, (through webinars, sales videos, etc.) so that they trust that YOU are the best solution they’ve been searching for.
  • creating a continued relationship with your potential clients, (through follow-up emails) so that they only want to work with you.  They may not be ready to say ‘yes’ after your first offer.  But when they are ready, they’ll be coming back to YOU.


(2) Find Where Your Hungry Buying Audience Is Hanging Out

It’s VITAL to focus your time and energy on the right people in your market.

Just because someone fits into your target market “pool”, doesn’t mean that they are ready to become your client.

So…Who is in your pool of potentials?  You’ve got 4 different main crowds…


Group 1:  The “I Don’t Even Know That I Have A Problem” People

You’ll have a LOT of work to do before you can sell them a service that solves a problem they don’t even know they have.  In my opinion, it’s not worth all the time and energy.  Move on.


Group 2:  The “I Might Have a Problem, But It’s Not Bad Enough Yet”  People

These are the lukewarm “tire-kickers” that just aren’t motivated enough yet to invest a lot of time or money into your solution. (No worries, either their problem will solve itself, or it’ll eventually get bad enough for them to get off the fence and do something about it).


Group 3:  The “I’m Searching For a Solution” People

This crowd knows they have a problem, and they’re starting to do their due diligence to get it solved.

They are googling solutions online.  They are comparing different options.  They are educating themselves via books, webinars, podcasts, etc…

Your job is to focus on 2 areas with this crowd:  Value, and Transformation.


Group 4:  The “I Need You to Come Rescue Me NOW!” People

These guys have a major freaking problem, and they’re drowning in it.  They know they need help.  They know they can’t wait.  They want it solved yesterday.

They just need you to offer them a lifeline.

Find out where the Group 3 & Group 4 people are – THIS is your Hungry Buying Audience.

What are they Googling?  What else have they tried already?

Which sites are they going to for help?

THAT’s where you need to be.


(3) Become the Rolls Royce of Your Industry

Are you offering the same tired service that everyone else in your industry is offering?

The fastest way to differentiate is by positioning yourself as the BEST, most complete, most PREMIUM solution to their problems.

While everyone else is bottoming out their prices…you RAISE yours.

While the others are turning themselves into commodities…you deploy marketing so powerful that your audience knows that working with you is PRICELESS.

Let me ask you this…

You have a premium service, right?  You’re not the same as the “other guy”.  Don’t allow yourself to get lost in that sea of service providers.

Dare to be different from your competitors!

Take a unique approach.  Package it up differently.  Make a truly bad-ass, bold promise or guarantee that they can’t ignore.

Get people talking about you.

Be the eye-catching Rolls Royce in your industry that turns heads.

How Would You Like To Gain 20 New, Ideal Clients In The Next 60 Days?

Don’t think it’s possible?   Let me show you…

Check out this free presentation, where I walk you through how to get the right clients, at the right price.  Anytime you want.  

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Are you an unfortunate magnet for the Rock Bottom Price clients?

Do you attract “THAT” crowd? – you know, the ones that expect deep discounts, buy the lowest service packages, yet somehow still suck up most of your time & energy?

Oh yeah, I know these leeches all too well…

They are true masters at getting WAY more than they actually pay for.  But are you getting what YOU need?  Not in the slightest.

I used to be a victim of their low-paying shenanigans.

When I began my business, I was so excited to have any clients, that I couldn’t see that the ones I was attracting didn’t value me or my time.  I became a workaholic (not really by choice), and became overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of the workload.  My clients were managing ME, not the other way around.

Looking back, I know exactly where I went wrong.

I was trying to establish my business, and offered a “premium service” to everyone, even though they weren’t paying the premium rates.  I built up quickly, but it was with the wrong group of clients.  I would come home after a grueling 10 hour day to collapse on the sofa and do it all again the next day.

Sound familiar?

Do you ever wonder how you got to this point of exhaustion?  We don’t consciously CHOOSE it. Nobody ever dreams of having no vacations, high blood pressure, and zero balance between work and family time.

Little mistakes that you don’t even realize you’re making in your business are causing a world of unnecessary chaos in your life.

Are you charging your clients too little?   Are you scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to client selection?  Probably both.

This is fixable. But you MUST ditch the mooches.

So how do you repel the “Lowest Price Guarantee” crowd, and go after those who are willing to pay for your expertise?


Attract The Dreamy TOP-DOLLAR Clients That You Actually Want.

Ask for what you are worth.

You want more money?  You want less clients and less stress, but still have the ability to pay the bills and go on vacation?  Start demanding what you are worth.  Your price acts as a filter. Those that truly see the value in your service will pay what you ask.  The rest will move on to get cheap services out of an another poor soul.

Of those clients who are willing to pay what you’re worth,

Only take on clients you KNOW you can help, and will enjoy helping…

Most of the world associates “work” with something they dread doing.

I’ll say this…it’s very hard to dread your work when you’re working minimal hours because you have a handful of GREAT high-quality clients that you love working with who pay you handsomely every time!


Stop charging by the hour.

We live in a world that is used to trading time for money, which is completely ridiculous!

When you charge based on solving someone’s major problem, it has a much higher perceived value.  Doesn’t matter how long it takes.  Promise an end-result, and you’ll start catching the interest of high-end clients.


Position yourself as the premium expert in your field.

No matter where you price your services at, there is a market that is willing to pay.

There will always be low-ballers who buy the cheapest service options available.  And there are those who will always gravitate to the high-end services, because they perceive it as being the best.

It is the SAME service, just positioned and packaged differently to appeal to different markets.


Keep the free service time to a minimum.

A free service (such as a 30-minute Consultation) is meant to do 2 things:

  1. Determine in a very short amount of time if this is a client you can help (and vice versa).
  2. Lay the groundwork or action plan for the paid service.

I know of an alternative health practitioner that offers 3 free consultation visits, before he even asks you for money.  THREE!  It’s no wonder he is running ragged through his medical center, with backed-up appointment times, and having a hard time retaining new clients.

Who’s honestly going to pay for the service when you’re giving your best stuff away for free?  If the problem has been solved, there’s no need for them to return.

So, let’s review quickly…

If you want to attract clients who can afford your services, you simply need to set your prices at what you feel you are worth.  Charge for the value you bring, not the time you spend.  Position yourself as a “must work with” premium expert who can solve their problem.  And stop spending all of your time on FREE services.

Do You Want To Gain 20 High-Paying Clients In The Next 60 Days?

It’s absolutely doable, and I’m going to show you how

Ditch the clients that are low-paying leeches.

Bank more cash with less work, because you are attracting better clients.

Check out our free presentation, where I walk you through how to get the right client, at the price you want. 


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What Is Your Pricing Telling Your Audience?

Do you tend to attract low-end clients?  (or even no clients at all?)

Do they constantly drag out their appointment times, trying to get the most bang for their minimal-paying buck?

Do you have a hard time collecting payments from clients?


Do you have way more clients than you can handle, and it’s stressing you out?

Do you feel like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done?

Do you spend more time at appointments than with family and friends?

The KEY is finding your magic “sweet spot” price that speaks clearly to the client-base that you’re going after.

Over the last decade or so, I’ve discovered many pricing mistakes (most of which I’ve made myself), and that’s what I’m about to share with you.


Are YOU Making These Pricing Mistakes?

Mistake (1) You have “status quo” rates.

You place ALL the competition in the exact same playing field as you.

If you have “average” prices, what does that insinuate about the quality of your service?

Make sure your rates reflect your premium service.


Mistake (2) You’ve priced your service WAY out of the ball park.

The focus of this mistake shouldn’t be on pricing, here.

Let me state this very clearly –

There is always, (ALWAYS) someone willing to pay for your service, no matter the price point.

Take a Hypnotherapy service, for example. There are therapists that charge $85 for a 1-hour hypnosis session.  There are also therapists with FULL schedules that charge over $1000, just to meet with them once!

What’s the difference?  Perceived value.

If you’re charging high rates and not getting the clients you want, then you probably aren’t showing enough perceived value that reflects that price point.


Mistake (3) You don’t recognize your VALUE.

Are you the person who comes home completely drained after a 10 hour day that’s packed with needy clients?  You’re stressed and overwhelmed because your schedule is at max capacity and something has to give.

STOP low-balling yourself!  This is a clear indicator that your services are priced WAY to low.


Mistake (4) You don’t have a clearly defined pricing strategy.

Are you consistent with the price of your service, or do you waver and fluctuate your rates from client to client?

There IS an appropriate time to drop (or even raise) your prices, but it needs to be part of a well thought out plan.  Your clients will respect you more (and know what to expect) if you have a set pricing system that they can depend on.


Mistake (5) You are still charging for your time.

This is often a lose-lose scenario for both you and your client.  If you charge, say, by the hour, the client’s main concern shifts from getting their problem solved to getting as much as they can from you in that hour. This creates added stress for you. Worse, it destroys your authority because now the client sees you as just another paid employee, instead of an expert.

Stop basing your fees on how long it takes you to provide your service. Base it solely on the actual value of the end-result that you’re providing to your client.

Poor pricing leads to poor clients who don’t pay you what you’re worth.

If you want to get paid TOP DOLLAR by clients who desperately need your premium service…

And if you want to know the EXACT price you should be charging for your offer…

Check out our free presentation HERE where I share with you exactly how you can get 20 Clients in Just 60 Days…At the EXACT price you want.

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