Hottest Niches For High-Ticket Coaches

Have you ever wondered if your niche as a coach or consultant will command a high-ticket price? In this episode, we take a look at the hottest niches. We share what we’ve learned. And what matters most when choosing a high-ticket niche.


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What’s hot? What will people buy? What’s everyone talking about this week?

The old way of marketing claims the secret to success is to find a “starving market.” Then once you find it, sell a product to that market. “Find a need and fill it.”

For example…

Let’s say all of the sudden training parrots to rap is hot. Maybe a rapping parrot was in a hit movie. Maybe a rapping parrot went viral on YouTube. Who knows…

Either way, everyone is now talking about owning a rapping parrot. It’s everywhere. The market is “starving” for the best info on teaching a parrot to rap. If this were true, then the old way might be…

One… Gather some info on the hot niche.

Two… Package the info into a course.

Three… Title the course: How to Train Any Parrot to Rap in 48 Hours or Less — even if you can’t tell a cockatoo from a cockatiel.

Four… Sell to anyone and everyone at whatever price you can get.

In other words, the old way is to look at external circumstances. Figure out external trends. Then choose a product or service based on what’s going on “out there” in the market.

There are three HUGE problems with this approach…

  1. The marketer completely ignores the fact that he may not have any skill in this area whatsoever.
  2. The marketer doesn’t care about the problem or solution. His ability to get you results is irrelevant. He cares about the transaction. He just wants the sale before the market dries up.
  3. There’s no passion. No enjoyment. And because it’s a trend, the marketer is always looking for the next thing. There’s no stability. No basis for a real, sustainable business.

In short, you’ll never build a long-term, high-ticket program with this type of thinking. It’s just dead wrong. Trying to build a business on what’s hot “in the market” is exhausting. The crowd is a fickle monster. And it’ll turn on you in a heartbeat. Or worse, ignore you.

A New, Better Way

The new way, a better way, to create a high-ticket offer is to look inside yourself. Not out there.

Look inside yourself. Look into your past. Then ask…

  • What is my skill set?
  • What is a problem that I can solve?
  • What’s a major life or business challenge I am really good at helping others solve?

And you create your program or service around THAT ability. Because here’s the honest truth…

When it comes to high-ticket, it really doesn’t matter how hot a niche is. What does matter is your ability to help people improve their lives. To help them become more effective human beings in some area of their lives.

There’s always going to be a need to improve someone’s life. There’s always going to be a market for helping people solve big problems. Take away annoying pains. So, the key is to stop chasing the next “hot niche.”

Instead, specialize in that one problem you are absolutely phenomenal at solving. Because that specialty is what’s going to allow you to build a real business. A business where you’re really delivering value. A business you can sustain long after the craze or fad has died.

If you take away nothing else from this article, please grab onto this principle: the best high-ticket offers come from looking inside yourself, not out there in the market.

With that said, there are four niches where high-ticket offers thrive. If you can solve a major problem in any of these areas, then you can charge between $3,000 and $10,000 to help others relieve that pain, or solve that problem.

“Hot” High-Ticket Niche #1 — Health/Fitness

If you can help someone get rid of a long standing health problem, you’ve got the makings of a high-ticket offer.

For example if you can help an executive quit smoking because it’s affecting his ability to get a promotion to the next level, that could be a high-ticket offer.

Nearly any “problem” causing someone physical or emotional pain is a great candidate. Consider questions like…

  • Is there a health problem you can solve?
  • Did you beat chronic fatigue with nutrition?
  • Could you help others do the same?

If so, you’re on the right track.

But don’t let the word “problem” throw you. A problem could also be…

… carrying around an extra 25 pounds after having a baby.

… not being able to compete at a high level as an athlete.

… the inability to focus on the job or in competition.

These are all very real problems. Pains, physical or emotional, keeping people up at night.

But remember, it’s not about what’s cool or hot, it’s about the actual results YOU can help someone else get.

“Hot” High-Ticket Niche #2 — Wealth

If you can help another person grow their wealth, then you’ve got the makings of a high-ticket offer.

  • Can you teach people to find and invest in rental properties?
  • Can you help businesses hire the right people?
  • Are you a financial advisor who can grow someone’s portfolio and help the retire earlier?

Anything that increases the bottom line of a person or business is a great high-ticket offer. There are literally thousands of sub-niches in this one area alone.

And because each client is worth $3,000-$10,000 or more, you can be VERY specific about the results you provide. Plus, you can be very picky about who you provide those results for.

As an example, are you a former athlete and a financial planner? Then you could offer financial planning services specifically for elite level athletes.

The opportunities are limitless. And the more you look into your own life, the clearer and more powerful your offer will be.

“Hot” High-Ticket Niche #3 — Relationships

This may be the most overlooked niche for high-ticket. And yet, it’s one in which we have some of of the most successful clients. Clients earning 6-figures per month.

Truth is, relationships are hard for many, many people. And if you can help someone get results in this area, you definitely have what it takes to command premium pricing.

This niche could be broken down into two major areas: personal relationships and professional relationships.

Personal could be dating, marriage, or making step-families work. It could be healthy play for kids, dealing with teens, etc.

Professional might be team-building for business owners, negotiation techniques, networking skills, and much more.

Just like the other niches, the more closely you look into your own life, the more likely you are to find a great, high-ticket niche. A niche hot and ready for YOU to step in and provide your program or service.

“Hot” High-Ticket Niche #4 — Personal Development

As the world gets more complex, people need more clarity. They feel more lost. Alone.

Personal development helps these people.

But personal development also serves those who are looking to improve. The go-getters who are looking for the edge in their lives.

We have lots of clients in this space helping their clients overcome anxiety, stress, loneliness.

We have coaches helping people be more spiritually connected.

We have coaches who are world-class at helping people really dial in and achieve their biggest goals.

If there is a pain that is keeping people stuck in their lives, how much is it worth to finally breakthrough that block? It’s priceless!

What’s it worth to be a better human? Priceless!

That’s why this niche is such a great place for a high-ticket offer. And let’s face it, personal development has been around forever. It’s a niche that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

So, are you ready to discover…

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If that sounds better than trying to hop on the next “hot” marketing trend…


See you there,

Russ Ruffino

Founder, Clients on Demand

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