The Little-Known Formula Used by The World’s Elite Performers

Our amazing client Kaneisha breaks down how she did over six figures in revenue while she was in Clients on Demand! Kaneisha’s business, The Art of Applying, is one of the top leaders in admissions consulting. Since 2010, they have impressively earned over $4.7 million in merit scholarships and fellowships and she and her team of Ivy League graduates know the inside track at every stage, beginning with the application process, editing essays, interview prep, and finally choosing what school is the best choice. Kaneisha shares how joining Clients on Demand gave her the financial freedom, a shift in mindset and a formula to make triple figures in revenue in less than eight weeks with her signature high-ticket program and VIP super-lux program. 


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If you’re tired of half-baked programs, courses, and masterminds that don’t deliver on their promises, then this article is for you.

If you know there’s something missing in all those courses you’ve bought over the years, then what you’re about to read is the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

And if you would love to have a simple, easy to understand framework you could apply to ANY area of business and life, then you’ll absolutely be blown away by what’s next…

Turning the Search for Success Upside Down

Most people are looking in exactly the wrong place for success. They start at the top instead of building on a strong foundation. And it’s creating shakey, unreliable business and life structures. It’s why so many businesses are crumbling at the first sign of stress.

Too many people are building foundations on the smallest details that matter least. Meanwhile, sturdy, transformational style businesses are being built on solid foundations based on principles that matter most.

Following is the framework we adapted from the elite British SAS teams. We’ve modified it to fit what we do at Clients on Demand. It’s a framework that has allowed us, and many of our clients, to go from unknown to industry leaders in a very short amount of time. And today, we want to share it with you.

WARNING: Don’t let the simplicity fool you. This framework is powerful…

The Hierarchy of Achievement

The best way to think about this framework is a as a pyramid. Imagine five horizontal lines spaced evenly from top to bottom.

This creates five levels. The largest on the bottom. The smallest at the top.

The larger the level, the more important, or foundational, it is to you actually achieving what you want.

In other words, what matters most is at the bottom. What matters least is at the top.

Let’s start at the bottom, or the foundation…


You could also call this a goal. We like to use the word intention or outcome. The question you want to ask yourself is:

What am I really wanting here?

And there are two critical questions I encourage you to ask at this level…

  1. What do I want?
  2. How do I want to feel when I have it?

Most people do a pretty good job of setting an intention of what they want.

For example…

I want to earn $10k/mo.

I want to lose 20 pounds

I want to take a trip to Spain

However, not asking the second question is where people miss a huge opportunity to make their intention stronger. More powerful.

How do you want to FEEL when you are earning $10k/mo?

How do you want to FEEL when you drop 20 pounds?

How do you want to FEEL as you travel Spain?

Relaxed? Excited? Stress Free? Confident? Proud? Like a role model to your kids?

There’s a lot of clarity available to you when you know how you want to feel as a result of getting what you want. It could even change what you want.

One more thing on intention…

Be bold. Set an intention that if you fail to hit it, you still win. Maybe instead of $10k/mo you shoot for $30k/mo. Even if you “fail” and only reach $20k, that’s pretty awesome, right?

Combine a bold intention with a clear understanding of how you want to feel when you get there and you’ve created a very strong foundation for achievement.


This is where the real work happens. This is the magic. The secret that allows the most successful to jump light years ahead of the competition.

If your mindset and beliefs are not congruent with your intention, you will not succeed long term. And probably won’t make it short term either.

Mindset and creating strong beliefs to support your intention are vital to your achieving anything worthwhile. Think of beliefs as links in a suit of chainmail armor. Armor that protects your intention when things get tough. And things always get tough.

Like it or not, your beliefs powerfully affect your intention. They can either influence you to take action and fulfill the intention. Or, your beliefs can sabotage your intention.

For instance, let’s say you set an intention to earn $30k/mo. There are two possibilities…

  1. You believe $30k/mo is “excessive” because there are people starving around the world, living on a dollar a day. Result: you sabotage so that you don’t see yourself as an excessive person living it up while others suffer.
  2. You believe $30k/mo is noble. You see it as a tool to serve your family and help others. You understand that you playing small and being broke will not help anyone out of poverty. In fact, with $30k/mo you could even help some of those less fortunate people. Result: you earn the $30k/mo

See the difference? Your beliefs will either support or sabotage your intention. It’s why you must do the mindset work to create beliefs that support your intention.

Fact is, 99% of people on the planet skip right over levels one and two and try to jump straight to level three…


Have you ever noticed how many of the best selling books, most popular blog articles, and magazine covers are littered with “How To…” advice?

Everyone is searching for how to. But how do you know which “how to” to follow? Here are 4 questions I ask to help me identify, or create, the best strategy:

  1. What is everyone else assuming?

What does everyone assume is true about your industry? What do people assume is true about your audience? What does everyone assume is THE best practice for getting results?

Once you get those out in the open, ask…

  1. What if I assumed the opposite?

This is a powerful question for uncovering a winning strategy others are overlooking.

If everyone assumes I have to have a blog, what if I didn’t? What if I didn’t need a best-selling book? What if I don’t need a $47 membership offer?

Going against the crowd can be a VERY effective strategy.

Next, ask…

  1. What is the straightest path from where I am right now to my desired outcome or intention?

Most people put far too many roadblocks or speed bumps in their own way. As a example, I have a friend from college who wants to “earn more money” in their career. Their solution is to go back to school and get another degree. Is that the straightest path? I seriously doubt it.

Which leads to the next question…

  1. How do I X without Y?

This question formula has served me very well over the years. I use it all the time. Simply put your intention in as “X” then, “Y” is either what everyone is assuming or what you don’t want to do. For example…

How do I earn $30k/mo without blogging or building a huge audience?

Again, this question forces you to think of new strategies others may be missing.

Once you’ve gotten clear on a strategy, only then is it time to worry about…


This is easy. If you have the skills to fit the strategy, great. If not, either go learn them, or hire them out.

But here’s the main thing I want you to get from this framework…

A person with a clear intention, phenomenal mindset, a solid strategy and average skills will absolutely dominate a highly skilled person who has an average strategy, weak mindset and unclear outcomes. It’s not even close.

It’s why there are brilliant, talented people living on the street while high school dropouts run Fortune 500 companies.

Skills are the next to least important factor in your success. You can learn skills. You can hire skills.

And here’s what’s even less important…


Soooooo much time and energy is spent on trying to find the “right” tool. The right software. The right laptop.

It’s ridiculous. James Patterson, one of the most prolific writers of our time, uses a pencil and a pad of paper. He outproduces tens of thousands of writers who have shiny, state of the art MacBook Pros loaded with the latest writing software.

It’s not about the tools. Sure, the right tools can make work easier. Faster. But without all the other levels supporting the tool, it doesn’t matter. AT ALL.

Putting It All Together

I share this with you because as you’re building your career and as you’re building your business, you want to make sure that whatever you’re doing, it’s mindful of all five of these things. Make sure you get the order right. And work with people who are going to inspire you to set a high intention.

And if you want to be a part of something that leverages all of this… Something where you’re going to get the mindset support that you want… Where you get the support in terms of the strategy… You get support for key skills… tools… all of it.

Then I want to invite you to register for a special training here:

During the training, you’ll discover what the top 1% of Coaches know that you don’t including how a small handful are earning six to seven figures.

Everything we do is based on the framework above. So, if you like what you’ve read here today, then you’ll love all we reveal in the training.

Register Now.

Talk soon,

Russ Ruffino

Founder, Clients on Demand

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