Six Strategies For Making Your Competition Irrelevant…

Imagine you could make your competition irrelevant. Imagine nothing they do affects you one way or the other. Their pricing, irrelevant. The size of their audience, irrelevant. Their celebrity-like status in your market, irrelevant. Well, it’s not only possible, it’s actually far easier to make your competition irrelevant than it is to out-compete them or waste energy wishing they’d go away. In this episode Adrienne and Russ offer up six strategies for making your competition irrelevant.


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Too many people worry about eliminating or out-competing their competition. I believe it’s FAR easier (and more interesting) to make your competition IRRELEVANT.

Look, I get it. You look around, you see all the gurus doing their guru thing…

Taking pictures in front of jets… and sports cars… and on the beach…

Hanging out at dinner and mastermind events with the other gurus…

All in all, just doing their best to make sure you admire them…

And as you watch their little traveling show bounce around the planet, you begin to think…

“I can’t afford to travel and live like that — who’s going to take advice from me?”
“No one cares what I have to say — people won’t even respond to my Facebook posts or subscribe to my YouTube channel.”
“The gurus know everyone and I don’t know anyone — I’ll never get that big break.”

Fortunately, that’s all BS. You don’t need ANY of that stuff. None. Nada. Zilch.

You CAN have it. You just don’t NEED it. And my guess is by the time you finish reading this post, you WON’T want it.

Because what you’re about to discover are six STRATEGIES we’ve found as we built our business to 7-figures per month… without any of the usual “guru stuff.”

Better yet, you can use these strategies in pretty much ANY MARKET to make your competitors totally irrelevant. Apply these six strategies and I promise, it’ll be like they don’t even exist…


The first thing to realize is that competition is actually a GOOD thing. And it’s a good thing for a few reasons…

First, it tells you there’s a VIABLE market. Competition is a sign your market needs what you do. If there are no competitors, be very concerned.

Second, you can actually watch your competitors for CLUES on how to make your business better. As Jim Rohn says, “Success leaves clues.” And I’d add: so does failure.

Look for…

Where they drop the ball…

Gaps in their service…

What people DON’T like…

For instance, if you’re a fitness coach, maybe you could have a really kick ass mindset coach on your team to do Q&A or 1-on-1 calls for when your folks get stuck in head trash.

Just ask yourself, what would be missing for me if I was Guru X’s client? Then, build your program to fill those gaps.


I really want you to understand — audience does not equal revenue! It’s really important you understand that.

There’s this HUGE MYTH that started way back in the 90’s with the “DotCom” bubble that eyeballs will eventually equal revenue. And even though that’s been proven wrong for nearly two decades, the MYTH persists.

And the myth is this…

You have to build a huge audience. You have to put out all this content on whatever platform is hot today… and then do it all AGAIN for the next platform… AND again next week… and next month… FOREVER.

And then, if you spend all this time and all this energy…

-grinding out content because “content is king”

-building a huge audience of followers

-getting people to see you and how awesome YOU are

…that somehow… some way… by some magic, those people are just gonna magically become your customers. They’ll just start sending you money…

And it just isn’t true. It absolutely isn’t true.

What is true?

Most people either don’t know how to build an audience in the first place or if they do, that’s all they know how to do.

Yeah, they can get people to read their blog.

They can get people, maybe, to sign up for their newsletter.

They can get people to watch their Youtube videos.

Maybe they can even get people to read their books,

…but you’d be surprised at how few can actually get all those followers to INVEST MONEY with them… how few become a real customer who will buy from them again and again and again.

So, if it’s not about size, then what?


If you really want to swoop in and take over a market… if you want to be THE go-to expert in your market… the hunted, not the hunter… then this one strategy is the key that unlocks the vault.

No one in your market cares about YOUR process… YOUR membership site… YOUR blog post… YOUR video… or how many bonuses YOU’RE going to give them when they buy YOUR digital doo-dad.

What they want is a specific outcome that transforms THEIR sucky life… sucky business… or sucky relationship… into one THEY love.

Get it? It ain’t about YOU. It’s about the outcome THEY want… what THEY need.

When you have the clarity… the confidence… and the competence to forget about yourself and focus instead on the single best outcome you can get FOR YOUR CLIENTS… and when the outcome is the driving force of your business… GAME OVER… you (and your clients) WIN.


If you will make every business decision, not on money or recognition, but on whether or not what you’re doing will get the client better, faster results… to the degree you do that… you’ll make your competition irrelevant. They will be watching YOU… in awe.

Most companies are driven by their OWN results… money, recognition, followers.

But companies who swoop in, virtually unknown, and dominate a market, without all the hype, are the ones driven by CLIENT results.

When you can offer results others won’t — or can’t — you’ll stand out like a red rose among weeds.

The ideal clients will be drawn to you.

And when they show up…


Not just because you can, but because it’s what’s BEST for the client. Seriously.

People take care of things they value. And they value things they pay more for. So if you want someone to value and respect the results you can get them… if you want them to really show up and do the work… then charge them a premium price. We like $3,000-$10,000 as a good place to start.

Plus, a higher price allows you to SERVE them better… to treat them like the VIP they are… to guarantee you have the time to work with them in a way where it’s virtually impossible NOT to get results.


Winning is never “easy.” But it can be easier.

Make everything simple.


Have a very simple way of getting LEADS,

Have a very simple way of making SALES,

Have a very simple way of getting people great RESULTS.

And if you’ll just simplify, you can swoop in and dominate wherever and whenever you want.

Especially if you have an offer that’s priced between $3,000 and $10,000. Because now you’re making it even easier for yourself to win because you only need a handful of clients every month.

At Clients on Demand we use a very simple funnel: Ad > Webinar > Call

That’s it. And it works. Really well.

7-figures per month well.

Clients earning 6-figures per month well.

And here’s the thing…

When our clients apply these strategies properly, it’s not like they have to spend hours and hours every week doing tons and tons of work.

They do all this in a leveraged way. And what happens is…

They find it to be much, much more rewarding

They find their clients get better results, faster

They find it much easier to make decisions about their business

They find themselves earning more than ever before

And 6 months down the road, they’re looking around, realizing their competition is absolutely irrelevant to their business.

Remember, conventional wisdom leads to conventional results. So, I invite you to stop trying to copy what your competition is doing. Play your own game. Get UNconventional.


If what I’ve said above resonated with you at all… and you want to find a simpler, more streamlined way to just do exactly what we talked about:

Get the leads > make the sales > get the clients > and make a difference.

Then I want you to go to check out our training.

Book a call to speak to our team. Once we’re on the phone with you we’ll get into these six strategies.

We’ll find out…

What are your dreams?

What are your goals?

Who are the competitors you’re worried about?

Why you shouldn’t worry about them…

What can we take off your plate?

And, I would say more than anything else, what happens on the calls is we show you why a bunch of the stuff you’re worried about right now, you probably don’t need to worry about. Not now. Not Ever.

You don’t need to be a New York Times best seller.

You don’t need to have a hit Youtube channel.

You don’t even need a huge audience.

You don’t need any of that stuff.

It can be so much SIMPLER than you ever thought to GET THE CLIENTS you want… to BUILD THE BUSINESS you want.

And if we can help you do that, we’d love to talk to you about how.

I want to invite you to check out our FREE online

This training will take you through the exact steps our clients are using to build and scale their high-ticket business, while taking their customers from “click” to “client” in less than 48 hours.

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Don’t be afraid of your competitors. Take some action and let’s really make things happen this year.

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