5 Critical Distinctions “Rich Brain” Coaches Know That “Poor Brain” Coaches Don’t…

Whether we like it or not, people who succeed think differently than people who get, and stay, stuck. Circumstances. Backgrounds. Opportunities. They may all be identical between two people and yet, those two people can achieve very different outcomes. In this episode, we dive into the thinking that separates those who move forward from those who stay stuck.


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Have you ever felt like there’s a battle going on inside your head? A fight for your future? A battle between staying stuck where you are and living the life of your dreams?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, we see this brain battle going on all the time with the clients we serve.

It’s a battle between two types of thinking: Rich Brain thinking vs. Poor Brain thinking.

You see, we’ve had a vey unique vantage point to watch the results and thinking of thousands of coaches and consultants as they worked with us.

And because we were able to watch how they think, we’ve been able to identify 5 differences between Rich Brain thinking and Poor Brain thinking.

To be clear, this isn’t just about money. It’s more about the mindset difference between people who continue to move forward and the others who get — and stay — stuck.

You can use these as a mental checklist… an audit if you will… to see which brain is winning the fight for your future most of time.

And by the way, these 5 distinctions are something you’ll want to come back to time and again — especially as you begin to experience more and more success.


When you see a competitor doing better than you, how do you react?

What do you notice? What feelings, emotions and thoughts come to the surface?

Do you use their success as evidence that you’re not as good as they are… that you’re not good enough? Or, do you use it as inspiration and think: “If they can do it, so can I!”

Do you use it to prove your theory about how tough or crowded the market is? Or, do you use it as proof that the market you’re in is thriving?

Rich Brains look for evidence to support the opportunity… abundance.

Poor Brains look for evidence to support the hardship… lack.

To make sure the Rich Brain is winning the fight for your future, ask this question:

How could I choose to be inspired by this situation?

Just asking the question is often enough to shift from Poor Brain to Rich Brain thinking.


Whether it’s a…

  • technology challenge…
  • ads not getting approved…
  • 37 sales calls in a row ending in “no”
  • or one of a thousand other “obstacles”

… Poor Brain thinking sees these (and just about anything else) as an excuse to quit. Give up. Tap out.

Rich Brains see obstacles as a signal to find a way where others get stuck and stop — a place to leap ahead of the competition. Fast.

Where Poor Brains see stumbling blocks, Rich Brains see stepping stones.

So how do you make the shift?

Here are 3 questions you can use to wake up your Rich Brain and keep it in the fight:

  • What can I do to WIN in this situation?
  • What meaning am I assigning to this situation that may not be true?
  • If it wasn’t an obstacle, what would I do next?

Look, we all get dealt a tough hand from time to time. It’s part of playing the game. The opportunity is in how you choose to play the hand. Do you fold? Or do you play to win?


Everything you want is on the other side of a risk…

  • The risk of rejection
  • The risk of spending money on ads that don’t work
  • The risk of putting yourself out there and getting laughed at
  • And, again, at least a thousand other risks

But here’s the truth: A Rich Brain sees, clearly, the BIGGEST RISK is standing still… never taking the chance… stopping before you even start.

The shift required here is to always be aware of where you are focusing your attention…

Are you focusing on how great it will be when you get that next client? OR… Are you focused on NOT getting the client — and how bad that would be?

Don’t be surprised when you get the EXACT thing you focus on. And because you tend to get exactly what you focus on, doesn’t it just make sense to focus on the reward and embrace the risk, not avoid the risk?

By the way, the best way I’ve found to consistently get the Rich Brain to do the thinking is to be on the right side of…


There’s nothing that quiets the Poor Brain faster than shifting the focus from you… what you want… what you’re scared of… the money you want/need… to… serving another human and meeting THEIR needs.

When you focus on serving… on meeting the needs of others… magic happens.

You practically eliminate confusion, stress and overwhelm because when you focus on others…

  • Your thinking about WHAT to do next gets clear
  • Your thinking about HOW to do what needs to be done gets clear
  • Your energy to push through obstacles is virtually limitless

And, I believe, Rich Brain thinking is a key reason why the “rich get richer.”


Because it allows you to truly think clearly and strategically about the ONE thing that most moves the needle in business and in life — meeting the needs of others.

All the greatest religions teach service and meeting needs (aka LOVE) for a reason — it’s what works best for living the best life.


This is an extension of the last point. But there’s one critical distinction I want to share:

Poor Brains see money as a tool to buy stuff. Rich Brains see money as a tool to upgrade to an even more valuable currency… the currency of time and mobility.

Why upgrade? Because the real currencies… the most valuable currencies… in the 21st century are the freedom of time and mobility. The freedom to do what you want, when you want, from wherever you want in the service of your fellow man.

Here’s the bottom line:

When you are able to train your brain to…

  • be inspired by the success of others instead of being threatened by it,
  • look for a way in every obstacle instead of an excuse,
  • embrace risk instead of avoid it,
  • focus on the needs of others instead of focusing on money and,
  • see money as tool for freedom instead of a tool to buy stuff…

… then you’ll find yourself with the three things you’ve probably been looking for all along…

  • An amazing income
  • Freedom to enjoy that income and,
  • Massive impact and contribution to the world

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