What We’ve Learned From 10,000 Coaching Calls

Since the birth of Clients on Demand, we have logged over 10,000 coaching calls, giving us more than an intimate view of what the paralyzation of fear really looks like. What we see over and over again is how people have picked up a learned “scared-ness,” And that it keeps them trapped in a life that feels more like a cage than the epic adventure life can be. These fears affect every area of how you live your life, and you better believe that the impact includes what you are able to create with your business. So, after analyzing and considering 10,000+ coaching calls, Jayne Jewell and I are going to dive into the ONE CRITICAL (and learnable) SKILL we have found to be the “X-Factor” between what success and failure comes down to. 


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Imagine you have a new baby. You read the books on how to keep that baby safe at home. You buy the gates… and the cabinet locks… and the outlet covers… and depending on how nervous you were (or if it was your first or third kid)… maybe you buy the little squishy bumpers for the coffee table and fireplace too.

You make damn sure that little ray of sunshine is protected and SAFE.

But what if 5 years passed… then 10… then 15… and you never removed all the protections surrounding your child?

Everytime she looks around she’s reminded of how dangerous the world is. In other words, that sweet innocent baby (scared of virtually nothing) is now scared of just about everything. She’s heard the fear in your voice and “NO” so many times she’s paralyzed.

That’s no way to live, right? Well guess what? We see that all the time on the 10,000+ coaching calls we’ve done since starting Clients on Demand.

And what we see over and over is how people picked up this learned “scared-ness.” And it’s keeping them trapped in a life that feels more like a cage than the epic adventure life can be.

Now, let me be clear, it’s not their fault. These fears are picked up by watching and listening to friends and family and other well-meaning people who just wanted to keep them “SAFE.”

But at some point, the baby gate has to come down. At some point what was once a tool for your safety becomes an obstacle to your growth.

Let me say that again…


So, after analyzing and considering 10,000+ coaching calls, I can tell you without a doubt that the “X-Factor” between success and failure comes down to ONE CRITICAL (and learnable) SKILL…
Before I let you in on what that one skill is, let me be clear that it is…


It isn’t that one person WANTS success and the other doesn’t. It’s got nothing to do with money… or time.
So what DOES make the difference between those who succeed and those who continue to struggle?
It is this: The ability or skill of dealing with and pushing through fear.
In other words…


Take away any other advantage from a successful person and as long as they have the ability to deal with and push through fear, they’ll be right back on top.

Successful people have DEVELOPED the skill of dealing with fear…a.k.a.: COURAGE.

So how do YOU develop the skill of COURAGE?

Here’s what you need to understand about developing COURAGE:


Fear is going to happen. In fact, if you don’t feel fear, then you should REALLY be scared! Fear is simply a response to you pushing outside your comfort zone. Everyone feels it. Everyone (and if you don’t, then you might as well be dead–so fear is GOOD!).

Recognize fear but don’t freak out about it. Instead…


Most fears are simply your imagination running wild. The fear is seldom based on hard facts. Let’s face it, few of us are actually in danger of losing our life. Our fear is rarely triggered by an actual physical threat. More often than not, it’s purely imagined.

One of the best tools to calm your runaway imagination is to ask the question:

What’s the WORST that can happen? Be honest about it. How would you deal with it? Even if it got REALLY bad, could you survive?

I’m willing to bet you can survive and recover from anything life throws at you. Plenty of people have survived worse than you can even imagine.

So once you see you can survive the worst case scenario, then ask…

What’s the BEST that can happen? Be honest about this too.

When you do, I bet you’ll find there’s waaaaay more UPSIDE than there is downside. Once you realize what’s possible, then BE COURAGEOUS and…


Take some kind of action toward the best case. Start creating a compelling future even if you have no idea what you’ll do tomorrow or how you’ll do it… do something today that forces you to confront your fears. And don’t be surprised when you take even one small step, all of a sudden a new option… new solution… appears — -options and solutions you simply couldn’t see from where you were before taking that step.


Stop worrying about what happens or what you’ll need to do a year from now. Take the next best step for right now. THAT’S where the courage is — in THIS moment.

That’s why the SINGLE MOST VALUABLE SKILL YOU CAN DEVELOP is getting better at dealing with and pushing through fear.

You see, without COURAGE, no marketing strategy or tactic is going to work. No fancy software will keep you safe. Eventually you will run right back into FEAR. Because…

SUCCESS REQUIRES you come face to face, and push through your FEAR. Learn to meet fear head on… learn to embrace fear… learn to turn fear into excitement.


You would never climb Mt. Everest alone. You’d get a guide and a you’d have several others going with you.

The same is true when confronting your fear. Courage is a skill. And like any skill, finding someone to coach you through the tough spots is the fastest way to success. Add to that a community of like-minded people and you become virtually unstoppable. You can scale any mountain.

Don’t get me wrong, YOU still have to actually take the steps up the mountain. But it is infinitely easier with a guide who has been there before you and a community to climb along with you.


If you’ve been struggling to get past the fear of creating a high-ticket offer, we might be a good guide for you.

I say “might” because we don’t know anything about you or if you’re willing to push through your fears. However, if you are ready to be courageous and bold, then I believe we can help you apply that courage to just the right strategy at just the right time.

All you need to do is take the next best step today which is check out this webinar and find out if Clients on Demand is right for YOU.


Still not sure? Then let’s APPLY what you just learned. Ask yourself:

“What’s the worst that can happen if I watch this webinar”

Seriously. Think about it. Write it out.

Then ask yourself:

“What’s the best that can happen if I watch this webinar?”

Let your most courageous, bold, and badass self answer this question.

What 1% Of Business Owners Know That You Don’t

I promise it will be the most rewarding 40 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.

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