The Art of Quitting: How to Quit 90% of Your Daily Tasks and do These Three Things Instead

Quitters never win and winners never quit, right? Not exactly. In this episode, The Art of Quitting, Marc Von Musser and I talk about the top things most coaches and consultants need to quit in order to finally move forward in their business.


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If you’re anything like the coaches and consultants trying to build a business online, then you’ve got a tremendous reserve of energy to make things happen. You’ve got what it takes to deal with the aggravation, frustration and disappointment of building a business.

But, watching you do your thing day in and day out can be really tough on the people around you. The people who love you.

It can be very tough on your wife. It can be tough on your husband. It can be brutal on your kids. They all watch as you continue to hang on to a strategy that isn’t working. It’s painful to see you work so hard… to see you hustling, but not getting anywhere.

When it gets to that point, they start to say things like… “Look, maybe it’s time to give this dream up. Maybe it’s time to go get a “real” job. Maybe it’s time to shut this whole thing down.”

They’ll start to point out how you’ve been sitting, slaving away in front of your computer trying to get clients… and yet… nobody’s appeared. Nobody’s showed up. Nobody’s PAID you. They tell you, it’s time to move on.

Listen… that’s a conversation I PRAY you NEVER have. But that conversation DOES happen. It happens after putting too much energy into the wrong things for too long.

In other words, it happens after NOT quitting when you should’ve quit.

Now, imagine being able to QUIT 90% of what you’re doing in your business each day. 90%!

Next, imagine after quitting all that stuff, you actually earn MORE money, get BETTER clients and have MORE TIME to spend with your family.

Instead of concerned, your family is impressed. Proud.

That’d be incredible, right?

You might be wondering if that’s really possible. And that’s fair.

Here’s what I’d say…

Not only is it possible, quitting most of what you’re doing now is CRITICAL. It’s the only way to build a thriving business while still having time left over to actually enjoy your success.

And here’s the best part…

For that to become your reality, you only need to DO 3 things. Everything else you can quit. And I don’t mean outsource or delegate. I mean quit. Cold turkey. Done.

Because if you are doing what everyone else is doing. If you’re putting energy into what everybody else says you should be putting energy into…

— blogs

— podcasts

— ebooks

— attending networking meetings

— virtual summits

— social media posting

— or any of the other 10,000 things you “should” do to build a business online

…then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

At this point you may be wondering…

— How do I know what 90% to quit?

— What can I… should I… stop doing?

— Then, what’s the 10% left to DO after I quit 90% of what I’m doing now?

Good questions. Here are my answers…


I know, you’ve heard this before. And if you’re surrounded by the right people, you’ll keep hearing it. Because nothing will sabotage your efforts faster than negative beliefs.

You can have an incredible strategy, like the one we teach at Clients on Demand, but if your beliefs are negative, no system, no matter how good, will work the way it could.

It’s not your fault you have negative beliefs. You’re exposed to millions of negative thoughts over your lifetime. Tens of thousands everyday. Your job then is to quit letting those negative beliefs run the show. Replace them with thoughts that are more useful. More powerful. Positive.

Here’s a profound truth I learned a while ago… a truth I have to remind myself of daily… our business, our clients, indeed our whole life, is a very accurate reflection of our current beliefs.

All our fears, all our self-limiting beliefs are right there in our business staring back at us if we just take the time to look in the mirror.

If you’ve got an underlying belief that “I’m not enough,” it’ll show up in your pricing. It’ll show up in how much you put yourself out there. It’ll show up in the kind of clients you attract.

So how do you quit beliefs that don’t serve you?

Find support — proof — for the opposite belief.

For instance if your business is stuck at $5k per month, are there competitors doing $10K?

If so, you could choose to think you don’t have what they have (negative belief) OR you could choose to see that as proof your market will support you playing at a higher level.

Whenever you have a negative belief there are three questions you can ask to stop the negative thinking in its tracks:

Is that true? This question alone can stop many false negative beliefs. If not, move to the next question..
Can I be absolutely certain that’s true? Let’s say you believe no one will pay $3,000-$10,000 for what you do. Is it possible somewhere on the planet, out of 6 billion people, someone might pay those kinds of rates to solve the problem you solve? Of course there is. There’s a low, middle, and high end for every product/service category you can imagine. The only real question is do you have the beliefs to play at the higher end? Next…
What if the thought weren’t true? This one is fun because it puts you back into positive imagining. Dreaming. Who would you be, what could you accomplish if that negative belief weren’t true?
Those three questions are extremely useful at inducing doubt where negative beliefs have a stronghold in your life.

The next step is to replace those negative beliefs with positive proof. You must constantly fill your mind with success literature. Stories of success. Possibility.

Find proof for your new beliefs. Don’t just think a positive thought, find PROOF WHY it’s true. The more support for your new belief, the stronger it will be.

Moving on…


We know this too. And yet, we all do it. We go get a haircut instead of make the phone call. We throw in a load of landry… walk the dog… watch TV… anything but deal with the most important tasks in front of us… the tasks that would actually move our business forward… get us paid.

These are the things we KNOW we’re procrastinating on. And you know you just need to quit those things. There’s really not much to say on that, is there?

But there is a form of procrastination that is much more sinister. Much sneakier. It FEELS productive. And yet, it can keep you stuck for years… decades… a lifetime. The next thing you need to quit is…


Safe work is anything keeping you from the only tasks that actually make you money in your business: talking to a potential client.

If you are not getting a yes or a no from a client. If you are not having sales conversations, then you are hiding. Period.

You might be hiding behind a blog post… or a sales page that’s built but little to no traffic is going to it. You might be hiding behind the safety of really cool branding. You could choose to hide in the safety of amazing infographics posted on Pinterest.

It’s ironic how many places “social” media allows us to hide. It’s incredible how the same tool that allows us to reach the world (the internet) also allows us to hide in our home office like it’s a bomb shelter from the 1950s.

We can go years without ever having to have a real conversation with anyone about our business. And because it’s so cheap to have a virtual business, we can decieve ourselves for a very long time.

It’s not like having a retail space or an office space where the rent… and utilities… and taxes… and employee paychecks are due every month.

You can spend years getting ready to get ready. Staying safe. Hiding.

Listen, I could write for hours on all the ways we hide behind blogs, ebooks, launch prep, and more. But let me simplify it for you by shifting your focus to the only 3 things you actually need to focus on each day…


If what you are doing is not directly affecting your ability to…

— Geenerate consistent leads

— Make consistent sales or

— Serving paying clients

…then you’re just kidding yourself. You’re not working. You’re doing busy work. Busy work to make yourself feel good. To hide. To stay small. To fit into the self-image you have for yourself right now.

Focus on these three things: leads, sales, and serving… and you can eliminate 90% of the busy work you’re doing right now.

No more blogging. No more posting. No more networking.

Just generate leads (which you can automate), sell the leads that come in, and serve the ones you sell. That’s it.

You can make it more complicated. And plenty of people do. In fact, plenty of marketers will help you complicate the process. But you don’t need to. You can simplify.

How do you simplify down to focusing on just these three tasks?

Great question. We’ve put together a training on exactly how to do just that. It’s quick 45 minute training called: What the Top 1% of Coaches Know That You Don’t.


In the training you’ll discover the simple 4-step business model we use to generate leads and make sales so we spend our time doing what we love… serving our clients at a high level.

This simple strategy has allowed our clients to go from unknown in their niche to earning 6 and 7 figures without social media or 90% of the “work” you’re dealing with now.

Plus, you’ll discover how to take a prospect from “click to client” in less than 48 hours even if you’re charging $5,000 or more.

Register for the free training now and you could start quitting all the madness tomorrow. Wouldn’t THAT be amazing!


Talk Soon,

Russ Ruffino

Founder, Clients on Demand

What 1% Of Business Owners Know That You Don’t

I promise it will be the most rewarding 40 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.

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