The Introvert’s Guide to High-Ticket Selling…

Do you know what REALLY sets apart the best salespeople from the ones who don’t make it? Is it a finely tuned set of objection stoppers? A perfect script? Charisma? Nope. None of those things matter. What matters are 4 traits that are often overlooked by those stuck in the old way of selling. And by the way, the old way no longer works with today’s buyers. That’s why a new breed of salesperson is dominating the high-ticket selling process. A new type of salesperson who understands the new way of working with clients. Listen, if you’ve been put off by sales in the past, you’ll love this episode. If the old way of selling made you sick to your stomach, then this episode is your relief.


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If you’re an introvert then you probably agree “selling sucks.” Especially if you were infected with the old school methods of selling. BS like…

Fake rapport and mindless small talk…

“Always be closing” mentality…

Manipulating… convincing… arm twisting

In fact, I bet you get a little sick to your stomach just thinking about it. I know I do. And because it made you feel “icky”… you just tossed the whole idea of selling “that way” right out the window.

Guess what? If that’s you, you’re right. The old way is garbage.

So… instead of selling, you had to do something else. Maybe you chose to just wing it… hope for the best… maybe you created a product or service people could buy on a shopping cart… anything but sell “like that.”

But that created another problem. NOT selling left you…

Earning less than you need…

Having less impact than you want…

Trapped trying to figure out new ways to “attract” clients without having to “sell” them (eBooks, blog posts, posting in groups, “adding value”, etc).

In other words, this aversion to selling the old way sent you on a wild goose chase. A chase for shortcuts. Work arounds. Shortcuts that leave you lost, alone, and tired in the middle of the marketing jungle.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. A way introverts absolutely LOVE. Yes, LOVE.

We’ve seen coaching businesses go from struggling to THRIVING… coaches themselves go from dread to EXCITEMENT about their next call… and new clients actually THANKING us for the “sales” process.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. And here’s why…

There are 3 KEYS that allow introverts to UNLOCK their selling power (IF you’re using the NEW model we’ve developed at Clients on Demand)…


Despite what the past 50 years of sales training would like you to believe, being an introvert is NOT a disorder, it’s a SUPERPOWER!

Own that truth. Because it IS true.


The old way of selling is to trap people into making a mistake… using charisma to win them over… or if that fails, strong arm tactics…

An introvert won’t put up with that. Period. They’re not going to go there. They’ll go out of business before they’ll do “that” to people.

But an introvert can… and does… get to the truth of what’s REALLY going on with a person… the REAL reason the person booked a call…

And often the introvert, because of the way they’re wired, actually knows the truth BEFORE the client does.

Which means the introvert can be a guide… an advocate… a partner… to bring that truth to the surface. It’s incredible to see or hear these introverts in action. In fact, if you could listen to an introvert use this new model of selling, you’d be PROUD to use it. Eager to use it. Begging to implement it in your business.

Why? In a word… RESPECT.

This new model allows the coach and the client to move through the entire conversation with complete INTEGRITY… with RESPECT for one another. It’s a truly POWERFUL process.


You know those actors you see in movies or on TV and they always play the same character over and over? That’s what an old-school sales “closer” is like.

They’ve got one narrow range of how they can deal with a potential client. Outside of that, they are lost… ineffective at best… and completely insulting at worst.

On the flip side…

The introvert is a MASTER of ADAPTING to a wide range of clients.

They listen… they HEAR.

They watch… they SEE.

They FEEL what the other person is feeling.

And then they use the information they hear, see and feel to SERVE the client to the TRUTH of what’s really going on. From there, with the truth exposed, the CLIENT has real understaning… real clarity… real peace… to POWERFULLY CHOOSE the next step.

Here’s the thing…

This is completely NATURAL for the introvert once they understand and apply it to the NEW model of selling. They love to OBSERVE and CONNECT THE DOTS. It just fits who they are at their best and brightest.


The bottom line? This new way of selling allows anyone, introverts AND extroverts, to DRAMATICALLY increase their effectiveness when enrolling clients.

That means…

More INCOME from every minute invested in conversation
More FREEDOM to BE yourself (& time FOR yourself)
More IMPACT because more people are, gladly, CHOOSING YOU.
So listen, if the old way of manipulation, boxing clients in, or turning on the charisma is not working for you… and if you can see the benefits of our model where we serve people to the truth of what’s really going on…

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