The Ultimate Sales Funnel?

So, is there such a thing “The Ultimate Sales Funnel” that's going to put more money in your pocket? And if so, what is it? More importantly, what ISN’T it?


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If you’ve been online trying to sell your products or services for very long, then you’ve come across dozens of “sales funnel” ideas.

Each funnel claiming to be THE answer for your business. I’m not so sure. In fact, I believe many of the funnels out there may be based on outdated thinking. Thinking that worked in 2000 or 2010. But not 2018. And certainly not into the future.

It’s past time for the industry to update its thinking on what really works in 2018 — and beyond.

After all, ad costs are constantly rising. The attention span of your ideal customer is shrinking. And they want results yesterday, not 6 months from now.

So, is there an “ultimate” sales funnel? Is there a funnel proven to consistently put more money in your pocket? Reliably?

I believe there is. However, before I dive into what I believe is the ultimate sales funnel for 2018 and beyond, let’s address a few marketing “superstitions.”

These superstitions are outdated beliefs on which most funnels are built. Beliefs holding you back from creating a truly profitable and scalable sales funnel.


Lead nurturing is this idea that you need to spend months creating goodwill. Months adding value to the prospects life. It’s just BS.

If your offer is so weak that you need to spend months building good will, then you have a problem, and it’s not the funnel. If what you do isn’t solving a real problem, then yeah, maybe you need to create something to show your worth.

Listen, if you can take away a bleeding neck-type problem, why would you make your ideal prospect wait? That’s just cruel. They CAN’T wait. They need YOUR solution NOW.

And when you offer a bandaid (like a free PDF or blog post with 10 top tips) you’re NOT nurturing them. You are frustrating them.

By not offering a real solution immediately, you are forcing someone you could help right now to wander the badlands of the Internet. You cause them to look elsewhere for a real, immediate solution. You leave them vulnerable to people who just want their money. Who care nothing about actually solving their problem.

Do not let your prospect wander. Offer them your best and most effective program or service as soon as they come into your world.


Once you choose to create an offer that truly serves. And after you put it front of your ideal prospect quickly, you need to get them to take action. 

This is where another superstition pops up. There’s an idea that it takes “7 touches” before a person will buy. I’m calling BS.

If I want or need something, I get it. Period. If I’ve got a headache and there’s no Aspirin in the house, I don’t need to visit the store 7 times. I go once. I buy the Aspirin. I take the Aspirin. Why? Because I have a headache. Simple.

Having to follow-up several times is a symptom something is off. Typically it’s only one of two things…

  1. It’s not clear WHO you help.
  2. Or it’s not clear WHAT problem you solve.

How do you know if one of those two things is off?

If you are not enrolling the MAJORITY of your ideal clients into your program on the very first contact, within 24–48 hours, then something is off.

At Clients on Demand, 95% of our ideal clients go from cold traffic to paid client in 48 hours or less.

This doesn’t mean we don’t follow-up. We do. But even if we didn’t, our business would keep growing. Keep serving.

Speaking of serving…


This one is deadly in today’s market. Truth is, the best way to create customers is to advertise. But if you advertise a low-ticket offer, it’s also the best way to go broke. Fast. The math simply doesn’t work in 2018. That’s clear.

What’s not as clear is how the superstition that low-ticket products or services somehow serve people better has stuck around so long.

I mean I get the “logic.” A low-ticket price (like a $47/mo membership) allows more people access to you and what you have to offer.

And while that may be true, what people have access to and what BEST serves them are not the same thing. Not even close. It’s a false association.

Let me ask you…

How many monthly memberships have truly solved a big problem in your life?

If your marriage was in trouble. Would YOU want to wait for monthly content to drip out? Would you want to wade through piles of digital materials.

Or, would you do anything, pay anything, to solve the problem NOW? My guess is, you’d be willing to pay more for a better, faster solution, now.

Of course, if you’re just curious, if you’re not REALLY in pain, then yeah, maybe a membership makes sense. Maybe. Or maybe, you’re lying about how bad things really are (but that’s an article for another day).

However, what we’ve found is people simply are not committed to doing what’s required at a low-ticket price point. They rarely even consume the material. Much less apply it.

And if they aren’t applying what you teach, then you aren’t actually impacting anyone, even if you could make the numbers work.

So, if a funnel based on nurturing, following-up, or low-ticket offers is NOT the ultimate funnel, then what is?


In short, the ultimate funnel is one that serves the client quickly and effectively. It offers a real solution to a major life problem. And fast.

Plus, it does so at a price point that allows you to profit while requiring the client to commit financially and emotionally to your process.

What exactly does this ultimate funnel look like?

I’m glad you asked. Because I’m offering a special training on exactly what our funnel looks like.

Is it right for you and your business? I don’t know. But you’ll have a pretty good idea by the time the training is over. That’s why you’ll want to join me on this training:

What the Top 1% Of Coaches Know That You Don’t

During the training you’ll discover…

  • The 4-step funnel allowing our clients to go from total unknowns into 6 and 7-figure earners’ while staying true to their mission and making an amazing impact on the world…
  • A simple structure that will allow you to serve your clients in just a few hours per week, working remotely from anywhere in the world — your bedroom, office, or on a beach…
  • Why blogging, podcasting, and content marketing are the SLOWEST, most tedious way of getting clients…and the simple 4-step process our clients use to make high-ticket sales every day…
  • How to take a prospect from ‘click to client’ in less than 24–48 hours, even if you’re charging $3,000 or more…
  • AND how to do all of this by making the world a better place than it is now!

By the way, I reveal the EXACT funnel structure we’ve used to consistently and reliably scale our company to over a million dollars PER MONTH.

It’s the system our clients are using right now to attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime they want.

Ready for a funnel built for TODAY’S online marketing environment? Then join us…


See you soon,

Russ Ruffino

Founder, Clients on Demand

What 1% Of Business Owners Know That You Don’t

I promise it will be the most rewarding 40 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.

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